Monday, June 4, 2012

Autumn - hungary- 2 more weeks, no big deal

Hello Everyone!!!
Well, this is one of the last times you will hear from me, from the beautiful land of Hungary. Only two more emails after this!! Hope you have enjoyed the weekly episodes of Sister Papritz's mission! This week's episode is yet again filled with... MIRACLES!!! So weird, never thought I would see this many miracles...but oh man, they are everywhere.

from last weeks Bridge festival
Well this week Evelin, our golden child.. she showed up to our appointment, walked in and burst into tears and said "I just broke up with my boyfriend ten minutes ago."... uh what?! we were shocked, they had been together since she was 13.. now she is 20. She has been with him for years and years. But she has been realizing that he has not been treating her the way she deserves, not respecting her...and she said "he was one of the biggest obstacles, if not THE BIGGEST obstacle to baptism. So I knew it would end." yet again..... we havent been talking to her about this stuff, she just KNEW he was an obstacle to baptism. She said that she has been living by all of the standards since we have been meeting. It really is such a miracle. It was a really hard time for her, but I know she is so prepared for all of this. The changes in her life will be hard.. but SO worth it.
In pursuit of our 6x6 goal we were stuck in another position where our new investigators cancelled so we were stuck at the end of the week srambling for someone new. It was a crazy week because we were so busy we didnt get a Pday! We were able to shoot off emails, but no pday. So we were kind of just exhausted at the end of the week. But there we were again, needing a new investigator. So off we went tracting again. Saturday was a fine day of tracting but no new investigator. Then sunday came. It was fast sunday, so we were not feeling so great..a little starved you could say. The sun was beating down and we had several hours set aside to tract, but were really hoping to find someone quickly so we could do something other than be finding in the sun for hours. But we were prepared to battle it out till the bitter end. So we started knocking doors. The first one, no interest.. second one...nadda. Third one..BINGO! CHA CHING! There was this older man, who opened the door. Was kind of skeptical, but intrigued by the book of mormon. He was about 70 years old. But a really bright and sharp seventy years old. He was telling us about how his wife, son, granddaughter and younger brother had all died. He asked us, with all of the wisdom and skepticism that comes from a 70 year old, if there was ANYTHING he could possibly learn from us that he didnt already know. We said "yes, actually there is a lot." He said "I find that hard to believe, you are young girls, I am an old man. You really think that?" He stared us down, as if he was analyzing whether or not we were lying to him. Then he got this smirk on his face and said "hmm...ok, we'll try this." we set up an appointment and asked if we could step in and say a prayer. He said sure and then was amazed at how we prayed and kept saying "This is all so interesting, Im so curious about this book of yours." It was as if we had just stepped out of some whirl wind, and turned this old guys world upside down. Here were two girls that could teach him something new about life! So that was our new investigator story of the week. Best part...we didnt have to tract till the "last door" for hours and hours! God loved us enough to let us find him on our 3rd door so we could get the rest of our work done. hallelujah.

beautiful sunset near my house
This week I'm excited because I get to go to Budapest!!! We get to switch our Pdays so that I can do some last minute shopping in the city! I'm so excited to be back in my city. Oh I love Budapest so much. AND its great because we get to go to the Big Opera House in Budapest for a performance of Madam Butterfly because one of my old investigators, the opera singer that got baptized, is performing in it!! yay!!! So i get to see him perform in the big beautiful Opera House in Budapest...and then shop. Oh man. It will be dreamy.

us waterpainting on PDAY (some of us more excited than others. haha.)
the view we were supposed to be painting
So..Reason number 5 i'm on a mission: To be humbled by the language. It is an interesting thing, I have learned a lot about myself through my mission. One thing I realized is that I have never pursued anything that I wasnt naturally talented in. I never sang because I wasnt that good, never danced cause I have no moves, didnt pursue art because I'm not super artsy. So I never did things that I didnt naturally excel at. Well, one of the things I have NEVER excelled at is grammar, spelling and anything involving the analysis of the english language. (as evidenced by I'm sure the many spelling and grammatical mistakes in this letter) Well, along with that I NEVER EVER learned a foreign language before my mission. I never even studied spanish, I somehow was able to fly under the radar and never studied it and graduated from college without it. I even prided myself in the fact I never had to learn a language, and frankly I never wanted to. I knew I wasnt naturally good at it, because it involved learning grammar and sentence structure, both things I really am awful at. To this day still couldnt tell you how to break down a sentence, or what an adverb is. No clue. So when I opened my mission call and there it said "You will be preaching the gospel in the Hungarian language" .. uh.... well, talk about shocked. There went all of my comfort zone. I was able to avoid languages my entire life and now I was being thrown into what some say is the hardest language in the world to learn, for an english speaker. The grammar is intense, the sentence and word structure complex. The grammar is so intricate, its like a giant puzzle. Needless to say, starting to learn it I was overwhelmed. I didnt even know how to learn ANY LANGUAGE, much less this crazy complicated one. So, I was humbled very quickly and placed in the very situation I had avoided my whole life..... trying to excel at something I am not naturally good at. It humbled me deeply, because I could not rely on my natural talent, I had to work. I still remember getting into the country for the first time and just being overwhelmed and felt so inadequatly prepared. I had no clue what anyone was saying and 2 year olds spoke better hungarian than me. But the amazing thing was, I was promised in several different ways that the language would come. 1. Before my mission I was in a meeting with Elder Scott in the salt lake temple, he said (he was speaking to temple workers, but this moment was meant just for me) "if there is anyone in attendance that is in need of the gift of tongues, I grant that unto you" 2. My patriarchal blessing talks about me teaching the gospel "clearly and intelligently" 3. I had a dream in the MTC that I would be able to convey exactly what I needed to even if all I could say was "I know this is true." So with these three promises I knew it would all be ok. But I still struggled and struggled. I know my senior companions must have been so sick of me complaining about how inadequate I was at the language, but I kept working at it. But the great thing was, each transfer the language came stronger and stronger. I felt a noticeable boost in the language. Then I had a big turning point on my mission, I was with a companion that just straight up told me "If you trusted in yourself and spoke more confidently you would be speaking better. You speak better than you give yourself credit for. Stop doubting yourself." It slapped me across the face because I realized I was holding MYSELF back from progressing. From then on I tried to speak more confidently, and good thing because the next transfer I went trainer. Then from that point on I have had no trouble expressing myself in the language. It was amazing to see that Heavenly Father let me struggle in the language just long enough, and then just opened the gates of understanding and speaking. I have loved speaking the language ever since. I have learned so much from being humbled by this language and seeing the miracle of the gift of tongues. It is real and now I speak Hungarian!!

Well that was a long one. Allright. See you all in 2 weeks. haha. wow. that is nothing. Love you all!!

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