Monday, April 30, 2012

Autumn - Hungary - BIG SURPRISE!!!! AHHHH!!!!

Hello everyone across the ocean..... 

Well... so this week I had a fun little surprise, ehh.... well that is a dramatic understatement. More like the biggest surprise of my eternity. Katelyn just... uh.... decided to surprise me yesterday. yup.... just decided to pay me a little visit in HUNGARY... IN PERSON...LIVE. (for those that dont know....Katelyn is my soul sister best friend. we have been in daily contact with each other since we were 15 year old beehives, minus our missions..and she married a missionary that served here... which is PERFECT for me) 

So the story goes like this:

I had heard some slight rumor that they would be coming. But had no clue when, where, how.. or if the rumor was even true. I completely dismissed the rumor because I thought FOR SURE they would let me know. Im a missionary for heaven sakes... you cant just go around surprising missionaries. We have busy schedules. So I basically forgot about it, or figured it was way far in the future because I knew that I would be told about it... or would be able to sense the surprise coming. But no.... didnt sense it at all. I figured because Kyle was a Hungarian tutor for the Senior Couple serving here in Szeged that somehow they wouldbe involved in this. So I figured, well Im sure they would let me know. Well I heard nothing. So I proceeded to just live my litlte missionary life, figuring well someone would clue me in soon. Well nope.... everyone has been keeping this a secret for a long long time apparently. 

So on sunday we took a 2.5 hour bus ride to my old stomping grounds in Duna for a area conference. I got off the bus and proceeded to go mingle with all of the missionaries I had been excited to see, and talk with members... etc. Well then randomly this Elder serving in this other city said " Sister Papritz. The senior couple accidently brought back a package from Budapest that I thought was mine, but it actually had your name on it. Sorry, I kind of accidently opened it before I realized it was yours. So you can come get it off our bus." I thought...."hmm..weird... well if my name was on it, why would you open it. But whatever." so I followed him to the bus. As we approached the bus, the bus then started driving away. I said "oh, Elder. Obviously its leaving to go park... we can just get the package later." He INSISTED we get the package. and I said "uh.... should we be running after this bus then?" "yeah...we should probably run" .... ok... weird. so we start running after this random bus. We flag the driver down... I keep thinking "this kid is really persistent about the package......but whatever" so then the bus driver stops and opens the door. I didnt get on the bus with him, becuase I didnt want to be alone on a bus with an elder.... you know, mission rules. but then he was like "looking all over" for the package. and was like "oh, I cant find it" I looked right above his head and was like "Elder.... the package is right there"..... "oh, yeah weird. didnt see it... uh... ok".. so then I turned back around with the package and got off the bus. The package was completely opened, and labeled with my name....again, weird... why would he open this when obviously it was labeled with my name. It was from Katelyn and I was excited becaue I was expecting a package from her in like a week. Then I open the package and pull out this letter that on the front says "LOOK BEHIND YOU!"... I do...and no one is there (hahaha... because I was supposed to be ON THE BUS)... so I look behind, and thought... ok that is really weird. Then I open the letter and it says "if you havent realized it yet.. I am in Hungary. and if you didnt know and havnet seen me...than I just ruined the surprise"... still at this point I thought. OH NO...she is probably in Budapest and thought I would open the package in Budapest and they would be there. So i was like, weird... this is NOT working out the way they wanted it. So I turned to start walking away from the Bus...then all of the sudden this girl in this blue dress comes running down the stairs of the bus, followed by this tall dark haired guy with a camera. I realize that, uh..... oh my word... THIS IS KATELYN!!! I had like 3 seconds of like, disbelief and like..... silence... cause it hadnt hit. Then...commenced the screaming... the hugging, the yelling. The "OH MY WORD..... OH MY CRAP... WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE....WHHHHHHHHHHHAT AREEEEEEEEE YOU DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOING HEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"..... yup. and now she is standing right beside me as I am writing this emails. 

So on that note. Im going to go hang out with my best friend on my pday.... yup. My life rocks. 

Also did a lot of missionary work this week. Had 3 new awesome investigators and Sister Kramer and I talked in Hungarian all week, 6 days straight. It was awesome. Life is soooo goood. 

Well on that note...I am off to party. 

sok szeretettel

Papritz nővér

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