Monday, March 5, 2012

Sziasztok! üdvözlöm a családomnak es drága szereteteimnek

Well this week was exciting!! We had some incredible appointments with our investigators and it was all topped off by 4 days of the Disznótoros (something with meat) and Pálinka (hehe) festival!! We live across the street from the giant downtown square and so this week we saw them start to set up little wooden huts, so I knew there must be a festival coming! Sister Suranyi and I counted down the days and then on our walks home at night we would always walk through the festival. Oh man, was it a treat!!! There were people in very good.... moods (a palinka miatt)...and all sorts of delicious traditional Hungarian food. We ate delicious house sausage, and watched a sausage stuffing contest. There were some awesome traditional street musicians, and lots of Hungarian trinket shops set up and I finally made a purchase I have been waiting for my entire mission.... I baught a Hungarian whip. yup.... I know how to whip, with a bull whip. It is awesome. Sister Suranyi got one too... and she is REALLY good at whipping. She is natural, she can crack it sooooo loud. It is so fun. For morning workouts we jog down to the banks of the Tisza river (since we are neighbors with the river) and we crack our whips over looking the Tisza river on this perch thing. It is epic, the sun is rising, whips are cracking, river is flowing, Im in Hungary. It is so fun. So Im going to have some pretty good whip skills when I get back.

Other event of the week It was sister Suranyi's BIRTHDAY! Luckily the weather turned to spring THIS WEEK! So we have been able to take river walks. We took our first river walk on her birthday and it was delightful. The sun was rising over the Bridge..and I noticed the river was still largely iced over! It had been my secret little rebel dream of mine to walk on the frozen river. Well it had been too cold to adventure onto the river. But tuesday the weather was beautiful and there was a thick patch of ice still on the river and a path leading to I ran out and jumped on it and walked on a frozen river! My companion thought I was nuts, but the little adrenaline junky in me needed to get fed. Walking on a frozen river did just the trick. (dont worry I tested the ice, threw a bunch of heavy rocks on it. it didnt break. totally safe) It was beautiful to top it off. I really am in such a beautiful city. For her birthday we had lunch with the Adams, the senior couple in the area, then with the Elders we did a district dinner. We made some incredible stuffed peppers for dinner (one of the elders said that he thought that REAL hungarians made them....yeah, we are that good) Then we made palacsintas filled with turo (crepes, filled with this sweet tasting cottage cheese....soooo good.) Did a bunch of little nice things for her that day, the Elders surprised her with a Hungarian flag for a present. It was a delightful birthday, and she said so herself. Its a lot of pressure to have a companion with a birthday on the mission (i know ow you feel Roddy) but I think it was better than she expected. My little baby is 22 years old, all grown up.

This week we had some wonderful progress with our investigators. Zsofi's little girl was in the hospital with Salmonella poisoning (from some bad chicken she was fed at her dads house) she was in the hospital for a week! the crazy thing about Hungarian hospitals is that the flu is going crazy here, so they do not allow ANYBODY into the hospital to visit. So this 2.5 year old child was left ALL ALONE in the hospital for an entire week. No visitors, her mom wasnt there, nothing. She was all alone. It was horrible. Zsofi was super upset by the whole thing because she just knew her daughter was in the hospital not sleeping, hardly eating and she couldnt do anything! So we organized for the Elder to come over and give her daughter a blessing when she got out of the hospital, and Zsofi said that she felt a lot of peace as she prayed and that she continued to read and pray everyday through all of it because she felt so much peace from it. It was so great to see her not giving up faith in such a hard situation. She gave up smoking completely, has been reading the book of mormon all on her own everyday and even came to church on sunday with her sick little girl! (most hungarian moms would NEVER leave the house if their kid even had a cough) She really is so golden. Her and Laci are getting married on Saturday and we are so excited to go! She even started introducing the gospel to her family and is going to be giving a book of mormon to her dad soon. so prepared. so awesome

Also Erika, the woman who just showed up out of nowhere to church one day looking for her "spiritual home, family and friends". Well she was really sick for a couple of weeks and we werent able to meet with her. She canceled a few times, which is always a worry that they are about to drop us. Well this week she was finally able to meet and said that she was still just searching and searching for the answer. She knew that she felt good when she was with us, but felt like she was still not getting an answer. I thought maybe she wasnt praying right, so at the end of the lesson I asked her to offer the closing prayer and she offered an incredible prayer! She said "please please let me know if the Book of Mormon is true. Let me know if this is where I am supposed to be. Show me if this is my spiritual home, please help to to know if this is the straight and narrow path I am supposed to be on!" It was the most heartfelt, sincere, pleading prayer I have ever heard an investigator offer. So definitely she is doing it all right. It is just a matter of time before that answer comes. I promised her she would receive an answer in church if she came to fast and testimony meeting. She showed up, and was beaming the whole time and cried during several of the testimonies. When it was all done she asked when we could meet this week, I asked her how the meeting went and she just smiled at me and said "It was wonderful. It was an incredible meeting."......sooo... I hope that means "I got my answer!"...We will see on tuesday. I am excited.

Well that sums up the week. Palinka festival, ice walking, incredible investigators, a little birthday party. All a week in the life of a missionary. OH....and this week we get a little visit from Elder D. Todd Christofferson... an apostle!! woohoo! We are all super excited.

I love you all!

sok sok szeretettel

Papritz nővér

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