Monday, March 19, 2012

Autumn - Szeged - Super Pday Adventure!


Well this week was quite an adventure, literally!! It was Hungarian Revolution day and so we had a giant Zone get together here in Szeged. We had 12 missionaries here total and we spent the morning at the Szeged Museum. It was free for the day and so we got to see incredible paintings about the 1879 flood of Szeged that destroyed the city. Then we had a wonderful lunch at the senior couples apartment and got to hang out with everyone for a while. Then we went across the river to this Adventure park! We went on this ropes course that had a big zipline! It was so fun. We were all harnessed in and flying around the trees... it was soooo fun! Then we did some awesome whipping. I am getting super good. I can crack it SO LOUD! You will all be so impressed by the many skills I have aquired since I have been here. Then we finished off the night watching Kung Fu Panda 2 and playing apples to apples with our elders. It was super fun.

Oh yeah... speaking of things aquired I wanted to mention things I can do now/things I like now that I didnt used to before my mission.
1. speak Hungarian. uh... kind of a big one.
2. I love beets.
3. My new drink of choice is Ginger Ale. Super obsessed with that.
4. I love sour stuffed cabbage. delicious.
5. I can whip a bull whip
6. I can wear earrings/ am obsessed with them
7. I wear glasses now (that started in the MTC)
8. I love hungarian folk music
9. I kiss people on the cheeks when I greet them. puszi.
10. I have long hair and curl it frequently.

So... that is a little taste into the different me. haha... not really that different. Just a few tidbits.

This week Zsofi passed her baptismal interview! She is getting baptized on Sunday. We do not have a baptismal font here in we have been looking for a new place to hold baptisms. We have been really worried cause its the week OF the baptisms and we dont have a place!!! ahhh!!!! We were going to do it at the local Thermal bath...but they are only open for those tuesday morning. That doesnt work. So then we heard that the squash club has a pool..but its outside. and its too cold for that. So then one day we visited some less actives out of the blue. They told us that they were mormons for 7 years and are now 7th day adventists. (i guess its just that easy to switch!) .. haha. So we got on the topic of baptisms and they said "oh if you ever wanted to do a baptism, we have a font at our church!" it was the most inspired out of the blue thing any person could EVER say! as a matter of fact WE DO NEED A FONT! So the elders started on the approval of the use of the 7th day adventist church and font. It all got approved...and we are holding a baptism at the Adventists place... but its going to be a point for our team. haha. So the baptisms will be wonderful I am so excited and so s Zsofi. It is going to be wonderful

Well I love you all. Pray the baptism goes well!

Sok sok szeretettel

Papritz nővér

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