Monday, March 12, 2012

Autumn - Hungary- Apostles, Weddings and Miracles!

Hello Everyone!!!!

Well this week was incredible. It was one of the highlights of my entire mission!!! Elder Christofferson came and spoke to our entire mission and then to the Hungarians. It was an incredible experience because it was the largest gathering of Hungarian saints in YEARS...and it was just incredible to hear him expressing his love for them, Heavenly Father's love for them, and you could just feel that these people are so special and chosen. They are being so blessed for being pioneers in the gospel here.

The highlight was the final fireside of the night, the general fireside. Sister Suranyi and I sang in the choir, so we had like 3rd row seats... and Borsos, Péter was translating for Elder Christofferson. He is a member in Duna, where I served for 5 months and got to know his family really well. Him and his wife are incredible, fluent in english, both return missionaries and have told me several times about their attempts to move abroad to American or England but everytime were stopped, or felt like they shouldnt. So they accepted the inevitable and decided to stay in Hungary to build up the church here. Well he was translating and as Elder Christofferson starting prouncing all of these incredible apostolic blessings on the Hungarian peole, that their prayers for their children will be answered, that the Lord is aware of their sacrifices...etc....Peter Just started crying, he had tears streaming down his face as he translated. It was so touching, because I know their history...i know what they have TRULY sacrificed, and it was so incredible to know that an Apostle of the Lord was promising them blessings that they absolutely deserve. It was just a meeting that really helped me to love the Hungarians so much more. I left the meeting see them in such a different light, seeing how much they really do sacrifice. It was a definite highlight of the mission.

ALSO... this wek Zsofi and Laci (the part member family, Zsofi is getting baptized) they got MARRIED!!!!!!!!! and I got to be apart of the Hungarian wedding adventure. It was a treat. They asked me to be the wedding Photographer like 2 DAYS before the wedding. I dont even have a nice camera or anything...but they didnt care, they just wanted me to snap a bunch of pictures. It was really cool to see the traditional wedding. It takes place in this giant official building and they just have this official woman say a bunch of lovey dovey stuff, they sign a paper, light a candle of unity and thats it! boom bing... married. It was really interesting. Super cultural and awesome. Then we all went backto their apartment for the "reception" it was so much fun. so random, and so interesting... this is not america.

Also last week Zsofi's daughter was really sick, in the hospital. i think I wrote about it. Well the Elders gave her a healing blessing and when we came back this week Zsofi and Laci described that after they left their niece that was in the room just started crying and was just in awe at the spirit that was in the room after the blessing and said "what was that?! how could they do that? " she was just in awe at the blessing and power of it all. Then Zsofi said that her daughter after that slept through the night, her fever completely left, she stopped crying, she didnt need to go back to the hospital. She was completely healed in everyway. It just blew me away...Zsofi has so much faith. She is so incredible.

Well this week is Revolution Day on thursady....there are like a million Hungarian national holidays. They got revolutionized from some war....not sure which one, they survived a million wars...but that means its SUPER PDAY...and we are excited to whip, and eat hungarian food and hang out with the other missionaries. It will be a great time.

Well that about sums up my week.

I love you all!!!

szeretlek titeket!!

Papritz Nővér

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