Monday, February 13, 2012

Autumn- Szeged- Transfer 9!!!!


Wow this is so crazy. Time is flying sooooo fast. I remember when I first got in the country and started my FIRST TRANSFER!!! Now 8 of those have passed here in Hungary. I only have 2 more after this one. I just cant believe it. June 21st will arrive, and poof I will be home ... and this will all have seemed like a dream. One incredible dream. wow. Time is flying. Good thing the name of the game is to MAKE THE MOST OF IT!!!!

I am LOVING Szeged more and more. I just never want to leave. I love this place so much. I love the young adults we work with. I love everything about it. I love our investigators, I just really love what is going on here right now. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago how we met with Zsofi and Laci...Laci was a member and his fiance said that she wanted an Eternal Family! Well on sunday we were teaching them, and Laci's niece, Kiti...and we asked them if they wanted to be baptized on March 24th and they GLADLY ACCEPTED! With HUGE smiles on their faces!! It was so awesome. I was sooooo happy. It means we have a lot of work ahead to get ready for two baptisms that are 5 weeks away. But it really is so exciting. It just makes me so glad I came to Szeged and followed all of those little promptings to set up appointments with less actives, and then didnt give up on calling this random number on the ward list...and it just happened to lead us to Laci and Zsofi and his niece. and they want to be an eternal family. I am just so happy.

This week we had a WESTERN NIGHT! With the Young Single Adults. The senior couple, the Adams, planned a wonderful activity and it was so much fun having a seed spitting contest, dancing to cotton eye joe.. and Sister Kimbal choreographed a line dance that she taught all of the young single adults. It was really so much fun. I just wanted to let you all know, I placed second in the seed spitting contest. I was able to sport some western wear, and it was just so great to meet some of these Young Adults friends, and hang out with a few of our investigators. I loved it.

The snow is still falling here. My toes are constantly freezing. Probably doesnt help that I have developed a nice little winter case of the sinus cold. Well transfers are this week and I am going down to just ONE greenie instead of two. Sister Suranyi will be staying with me and Sister Kimball got transfered to Miskolc, a different city. and I am so excited because one of my favorite elders of all time is coming to serve here. Elder Beaumont. We served together for a while in Pest and so it will be a PARTY here in Szeged. I am really excited. This next transfer is going to be a blast.

Man well that is about it. I love my mission. OH this week I finished the book "the Great Apostacy" by James E. Talmage. and wow. I loved it with every bit of my soul. I have a testimony of the great apostacy! It REALLY happened....and that is why we needed a Restoration of all things. The Lord really thought this all out when making this perfect plan of life. I just love the restoration, and the apostacy and I am so grateful I am able to serve a mission, if not for anything other than to be able to fall in love with the gospel more and more. I love it.

Well you all have wonderful weeks. I love you all so much.

szeretlek benneteket

papritz nővér

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