Monday, February 6, 2012

Autumn - Szeged, Hungary - AHHH!! SNOW!!!

Hello Everyone!

Well...i TOTALLY jinxed myself this week. A few days ago I was telling my companions...haha..."well I am SO glad that this winter has been mild. I totally dodged the bad winters everyone complains about on their missions."...and then BOOM. We got dumped a FOOT AND A HALF OF SNOW.....that is 1.5 FEET in just 2 days. There hasnt been a storm this bad since 1987. It has just been FREEZING. like -15 celcius. I am just trying my best to stay warm. The roads are covered in snow..nothing is getting plowed. There are just HUGE piles of snow that people have hand shoveled everywhere. There is SO MUC SNOW. people are just trying to make their way down these little random tracks in the snow. and we are having to trudge through snow everywhere we go. Luckily this city is beautiful when it is covered in snow. AND the entire TISZA river is frozen! I have NEVER seen a frozen river. Only crossed them on the Oregon Trail Game. haha.. so it is cool to see a real big frozen river covered in ice.

So...besides the cold. This week was so busy. We had so many programs and frankly they all are kind of blurring together. The works is going really really good here. We have some incredibly promising people. I almost dont feel deserving of how well the work is going here. It has all just been handed to me. I am so grateful for it. Our one miracle woman Erica, the one who just came to church, has been doing wonderfully. She has been praying and praying and begging for an answer from the Lord and has not received one. But there have been noticeable changes in her countenance. Each week she comes and there is just a little more bounce in her step, a little bit more light in her eyes. She brought her 12 year old daughter to meet us last time. So I am so excited to meet with her this week and see where she is with getting her answer. I have never taught anyone that has sincerely prayed this hard to get an answer. I know it will come eventually, they always do.

One of the cool things we did today for Pday was visited the big giant Synagogue in the area. It was gorgeous! and the funny thing was, this man basically unlocked the synagogue for us and said "ok do whatever you want...and just let me know when you want to leave" so we had this HUGE synagogue all to ourselves! so we all took a billion pictures and just explored the place. It was so fun and beautiful. Man if I wasnt mormon, I would have totally been Jewish. Their buildings are beautiful. haha.

Well.... not much to report this week. Kind of just busy and trying to stay alive in this frost. It is SOOOOO cold. Pray that I dont freeze to death. My back has been acting up more I just hope I dont fall and break something amongst it all! Oh man life is an adventure on the mission...but so worth it.

I love you all

sok szeretettel

sister papritz

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