Monday, February 27, 2012

Autumn - Hungary - Cabbage Fields Forever!

Hello Family and Friends!!!

Well this week was pretty normalish. Nothing earth shattering or ground breaking, no random parties that we had to go to. haha. I seriously sometimes think you all must think my mission involves going to parties, seeing musicals, and traveling. but trust me, its so much more awesome than that. I get to do MISSIONARY WORK! ... and see musicals and party. which reminds me, in march we are going to see West Side Story. haha! awesome!

This week we met with our wonderful investigator Maria. She is the one that loves to teach us how to cook. I have learned how to make stuffed peppers, Gyulas soup, langos or fried bread, and this week we learned how to make stuffed cabbage! It was quite the experience. I have never been a cabbage person. It just smells bad and tastes weirdly sour. But this week she surprised us with all of the stuffed cabbage supplies and we prepared the stuffing and started rolling it in these huge pickled cabbage leaves. Then they cooked for a while, and we came back later that day and she gave us a huge tupperware full of stuffed cabbage. So i heated some up, and bravely tried it for the first time. and it was GOOD!!! I had to ignore the horse stable/farm animal smell that I assume accompanies all cooked cabbage. but I was very pleasently surprise. mm... soo salty and good. So maybe Im going to be a cabbage eater from now on. and now I KNOW HOW to make stuffed cabbage. Im becoming quite a little hungarian cook. Sister Suranyi and I have made it a goal to learn how to cook several new hungarian dishes this transfer and we are on a roll so far. I baught some hungarian cookbooks today and am excited to try out new recipies. The best part of the meeting with Maria that as we did our lesson with her we were talking about goals in life and she said "Spritually Im already in America, I want to see where Joseph Smith lived, I want to know what kind of person he was, I want to see what kind of life he lived, Im already there" (i dont REALLY understand what it means to be spiritually in America...uh.... but sounded positive to me!) She really is just loving all of the things we are teaching her and is slowly but surely understanding how important it all is.

We also have been meeting with Zsofi and Laci, our engaged couple (and zsofi is getting baptized), and they came to church this sunday! It was awesome. It was the first time she had been to church and she just beamed! We went to their house after church and she said "I just felt so good. I felt so much peace, it was a wonderful experience". she just LOVED it. She really is a miracle to me. She was a smoker and two weeks ago we challenged her to stop smoking and offered her help and stuff and she said "If I decided to do it, I will do it" and when we went back on sunday she said "I havent smoked at all." I asked if she felt like if God had helped her and she said "Absolutely. I dont even have the desire to smoke anymore. He took away my desire to smoke." It is so awesome. You can almost see a physical change in their life, the more we have been going over there the cleaner and cleaner their apartment gets, the more light you see in their eyes, the more you can see that the gospel is just really changing their lives. It is so awesome.

We are also teaching this 18 year old girl named Nikoletta, or Nik for short. She has been investigating for a long time and was always just taught by the elders. But when we came, the elders had dropped her, and so we picked her back up again because she is best friends with one of the members and was starting to open back up to the church. It is really incredible because she is such an analytical brain, so scientific...and whenever we meet with her I feel like I am teaching myself, if I had been an investigator. It is such a surreal experience to be teaching myself essentially. Its really incredible because I feel like there have been certain experiences, or weaknesses or struggles with my testimony that I overcame that prepared me to teach her. I feel like there is so much that we talk about that I experienced in my life just so that I could tell her about those experiences. It is really such an awesome thing, to know you are placed in cities and missions for a reason. I just really hope that she starts seeing that she actually does have a testimony of all of these things. She says she knows she needs to get baptized, she is just scared to do it. So, I hope it will all come around for her.

Well the hilarious/horrifying event of the week happened in church. There is this "special" woman in the ward. She isnt a member, but comes every week. She always says AMEN really loud after everything. and even after special musical numbers ends with a huge AMEN! So its so great to have someone with so much spirit and livelyness in the branch. But on Sunday I sat behind her during sacrament meeting. Well as the sacrament was getting passed around, the bread was all layed on the trays nicely. I took my one little piece. Saw the other people take their one piece. Then the tray was placed in front of her, and she DOVE at the tray and grabbed and entire HANDFUL of bread! Like, not a few pieces (like sometimes we accidently hope will happen on fast sunday to make up for our hunger), she took an entire HANDFUL and then held the whole pile of bread near her chest and ate it like popcorn! She was just popping the bread in her mouth throughout the rest of sacrament meeting. Then as the water came by she grabbed a little cup and DRAINED IT, like threw her head back and slurped up the water. I didnt know what to do, I just sat their with my jaw dropped! I just kept imagining she didnt realize what was going on. For all she knew these cute little boys brought around the mid church snacks for everyone to eat, she must have thought "thats stupid why are people taking only one. Im hungry!" or like "why dont they start passing out different snacks everyweek, its always bread and water!" Oh man. I coudlnt help but laugh during it all thinking of all of the interesting sacrament stories I have to tell from my mission. Like the one time our FEMALE investigator got up and started passing the sacrament herself to people, or when one of the members children in the middle of the sacrament started CLIMBING a window in the middle of sacrament! haha... oh man. Mission stories are the best. These things are real, they arent made up!

Well obviously., I love this stuff. I love being here and I am really just trying to cherish the little precious time I have left. These last few months are going to fly and I just am blessed to be along for the ride.

I love you all

sok szeretettel

Papritz nővér

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