Monday, February 20, 2012

Autumn - Hungary- Boldog Farsangot!

Boldog Farsangot kívánok! Happy Farsang!

This week was our celebration of Farsang! It is the "halloween" of the country. It is a celebration of winter getting chased away and spring coming. So they dress up in costumes. I dont really get it, Im sure wikipedia could shed some light on it. But that meant that there was a big party and I got to dress up in my typical get up...yup.... a NURSE! I got to sport my stethescope (dont ask why i brought that thing, hasnt even ever left my suitcase except for this) then used a blood pressure cuff I got in the MTC and then dressed up Sister Suranyi as my patient! It was quit the hit of the party. Everyone was amazed I had all of this real nurse stuff and kept asking me to take their blood pressures. It was hilarious. It was great because we had a couple of investigators come to the party and they loved it. We did all sorts of fun games, like building a "chairless" chain of people.. dont know how to explain their is a picture of it. Then people fished for smarties in a giant bowl of flour, there was Human foosball, and some thing where you eat cookies that were stuck to a window with a blindfold. It was a pretty creative set up. I was impressed. Then everyone just hung out and ate fánks... (homemade doughnuts).. that is the tradition. So it was really fun. The Elders dressed up as "tie mummys"... they had hundreds of left over ties and tied them ALL OVER their body. it was HILARIOUS... because they kept falling OFF of their bodies. So it didnt look very mummy like by the end, just looked like a bunch of ties wrapped all over their body. it was so funny.

So we got new that on March 7th Elder D. Todd Christofferson will be coming and doing a conference for our mission! It will be so AWESOME! I am so excited. I have always heard about these apostle visits from other missionaries in other missions and I am so excited to be able to have that incredible opportunity here. No big deal, just mingling with apostles over here in Europe. So that is in March.

Well today we experienced an epic fail. It is Pday and since we live only 17 km from the border of Szerbia we thought we would drive over and get an awesome picture infront of a giant sign saying WELCOME TO SZERBIA! So we set off on the adventure, ended going 30km in the wrong direction..corrected our situation. Then started approaching this prison looking place...there was no sign saying YOUVE MADE IT TO SZERBIA it just looked like a prison. So we thought, well maybe we're not there yet. so we kept driving and then approached this gate thing and this man asked for our passport and we asked "oh are we at the border" he said "obviously" (well actually, not that obvious).. so we gave him our passports but sister suranyi forgot hers, just had a copy of it. So we tried to pass it off and he would have NONE of that. Then when we told him we just wanted to take a picture in front of the sign he just scoffed at us and said "that is rediculous. if all you want to do is take a picture. I cant let you in. But if you wanted to you could leave THAT ONE (pointing at suranyi) and cross yourselves, but your going to have to leave her" it was so epic.. we felt like he was trying to tear our family apart, telling us "your only hope is to leave her behind!"... haha. so obviously we decided not to split up across country borders. instead we turned around and parked in the random parking lot and took a picture infront of this ugly european union sign. and then some random pictures infront of the prison. so dissapointing. no szerbia sign or anything! not even a szerbian flag! so I really have no proof I was at the border other than a picture that looks like a prison, that I can SAY was the Szerbian border. haha. oh well. memories.

This week was awesome because my favorite member here in Hungary, Viki, served a two day mini mission with us. She is this incredible member that got baptized in April of last year. She is 22 years old and is the most incredible member ever. She helps us with SOOO MUCH. She really would make in incredible missionary, she just cannot afford it. She and I have become such good friends. I really love her. Well this week she served with us for 2 days and I took her tracting (which was also Suranyis first time tracting) well Viki was a little tracting BEAST! We would knock a door, and Viki would take that book of Mormon and just bare her heart and soul to these people..and they would take it! Just door after door people were taking these Book of Mormons from her. She told us later, she doesnt know where that came from, but she knew that the spirit was putting words in her mouth. Then on sunday got up and shared her testimony in church about how those days gave her such a strong testimony of missionary work and that the Lord will truly place words in your mouth and calm your fears as long as you just SHARE THE GOSPEL with others. She just bore a strong testimony of the power of those two days and of missionary work in general. I was just so happy to be apart of such a strengthening, life shaping experience for her. I cant even imagine what it would be like for her if she was able to serve a full time mission, because just those two days with her were incredible. 18months of that would change a lot of peoples lives. The members here really are so incredible, holding strong in this pioneering country.

I love these people. I love this work. and time is just flying. I love you all. Minden jót!

sok szeretettel

Papritz nővér

picture - epic Szerbia fail.

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