Monday, January 30, 2012

Autumn- Szeged, Hungary- life is AWESOME!!


I feel like I say that everyweek...but no REALLY this week was. It was so sooooo busy. We have been blessed with tons of Miracles...I know, yet again I say hat everyweek. But I think greenie prayers are A LOT stronger than regular prayers, so since I have TWO GREENIES its double the amount of greenie prayers...therefore double the amount of miracles. First awesome miracle of the week we got 10 new investigators!! It was incredible! It nearly doubled my previous highest amount of new investigators I have ever had on the mission! It was really awesome. Investigators just basically fell from the sky (notice I said basically, not literally) So the week was super succesful. It was fun to be teaching so much, and I thought it would be a hard adjustment having now 3 people teaching and two of them super new to all of this. But they have jumped into this like CHAMPS!! gosh I am so proud of my daughters... they are amazing. They teach so incredibly well and we have so much fun. It really is going so well. I love it.

So along with greenies comes awesome GREENIE MISTAKES!! oh they are so precious, these little language mistakes. They really speak incredibly well...SO MUCH bettr than me when I was a greenie. But its the understanding that is hardest. So sometimes they just agree to things they dont understand. with a smile and a nod and an enthusiastic "IGEN!"...(yes!) So this week one man was talking to one of them about america, and the indians, and how they used to do buffalo hunts and i was listening to it all...wandering how she was going to react (cause i knew she wasnt understanding words like indians, buffalo. hunting...etc) so she kept sayign "oh szép... jo.... nagyon jo" (oh beautiful...good...really good).. then he started motioning to his head, and making this band motion around his head. she thought he was talking about indian she said "oh az nagyon nagyon szép" (thats very very beautiful!).....then everyone in the room bust up laughing. cause he had been saying "AND then I heard that american indians used to scalp people all the time, just scalp their heads right off!"...and the motion was not a motion for a pretty indian headband...but rather in reference to indian scalping! hahaha!! it was a priceless moment. she handled it like a champ and laughed it off. but oh man, i remember those days vividly. just agreeing to everything and anything cause you have no clue what is going on. she could have never anticipated the conversation had turned to indian scalping!

Being in the Trio is going wonderfully. They both love to sing and dance...and are SUPER talented. So they will frequently bust out into random songs...and make up random songs. My favorite this week was they kept making up verses to a new version of Rhianna's song "Disturbia"... they call it "to Szerbia"... its all about us sneaking off to Szerbia (because the Szerbian border is only 17 kilometers away from where we are) it is HILARIOUS!! Its great because when we visit less actives we sing Hymns from the new hymn book and we sound pretty dang good as a Trio. it usually brings people to tears. AND... its what brought about our biggest miracles of the week this week.

We were in need of just 2 appointments this week in order to make some of our number goals. So I scheduled an appointment with this man, Laci a less active member, that I have never met or heard of. But he accepted the offer to meet. We went over there and he let us in and he had Two beautiful little children with his fiance. We started getting to know them better and they are getting married on March 10th. I didnt even know he had a fiance (cause our records said he was married) so he hadnt been to church in a while. and we were NOT expecting to be meeting with any non-members. So we started talking to her about religion and she was just the sweetest girl ever. So then we started singing "lead kindly light" and he just had tears in his eyes..and she reached over and grabbed his hand. They were just holding hands crying..and when it was done he was saying "i just have always wanted an eternal family..but I have been down such a different path." I turned to her, the non-member who had only heard a few things about our church from him and asked her "Zsófi, do you want an eternal family?" and she had the biggest smile on her face and said "Yes...I really really do." Then Laci, the member, had a huge smile on his face. and also his Niece was over at their house. They both agreed to begin being taught so that they can be an eternal family together. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my mission. We had not gone in their expecting to receive two new investigators. much less an entire FAMILY that wanted to be together forever. But the Lord made it happen for us. It was incredible. I love my life.

So things are really going so so great. I love what I am doing so much. and I love you all so much. Thank you for all of your support and love. I miss you all so much.

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