Monday, January 9, 2012

Autumn - Szeged, Hungary- life is AWESOME!


this week was wonderful. a looong week but wonderful. We had a 7 day work week because of the holidays on the weekend, and we worked our little bunz off. We were able to get a lot of appointments, and had 6 new investigators this week. It was a great way to start off the new area. It made me really excited for the rest of this transfer. I am moooooooost excited for the new start to our English class. We have been investing A LOT of time in advertising for that and on thursday it starts again. so pray that we will find TONS and TONS of new people for it. I am so excited for it.

One of the things I love the most in this city is all of the rendes people (classy, successful, cool... no real good translation for rendes). There are 2 big universities here and one is a medical school. So there are people from many different countries in this city studying medicine. A lot of them already speak english really well and it is just such a different feel in this city than in Duna. Duna was a factory city, lower class, much much harder hit with the economy. I love duna, but it was hard to see so many people really struggling. Szeged is a beautiful city with young succesful people that are well dressed and just really going somewhere in life. So we are REALLY hoping that these people are going to be coming to our english class!!! I just really feel at home here in this place. The people on the streets here are so cool. I love talking to them. Just today we were walking on the streets and a group of young medical students were all talking about their "neurology final exams"... they were talking about the brain and all of the material from the course... and I was just so pleasently happily surprised to have heard a fun little medical conversation on the streets. So much intelligence in this city. Its such a refreshing change of pace. I love it.

It makes the work a little challenging because intelligence and faith dont always go hand in hand (to some people) but I know the Lord is ready to work miracles in Szeged. One man we met on the streets his name was Ferenc. He spoke amazing english and immediately started talking about all of the trips to hawaii he had made in his life. He was really interested in the Book of Mormon and we met with him the very next day. It was an INCREDIBLE lesson. He just ATE IT UP...he just LOVED everything we were saying. He too is very intelligent, but that was the brilliance about it. He saw the LOGIC in the restoration of the gospel. It was so great. He is Catholic and when he asked us if they have those three things (priesthood authority, revelation and power) in his church. He handled it so well when we said no.. and he just said "hmm that makes sense". We are so excited to meet with him next week. We are really finding some great people here.

Along with the great awesome people are always the crazies. One man we met on the street was sober the night we met him...but very VERY drunk when he met with us the next day. It was embarassing because the elders were there and some ward members were at the branch house too and this TOTALLY drunk man shows up. haha. People were like "so this is your appointment?" hmm.... yup. By the end of the program he was telling us "well i can just hang out with you all day" "I think im going to call you ALL THE TIME... that would make me happy." haha.. etc etc. Just some really obvious hitting on us. My poor little companion got up and started packing up her stuff when he heard him say "i love you" to me.... she didnt understand he was explaing the difference between "i love you" in hungarian and in English. After all of his creepiness we finally just exscorted him out the door and then endured 20 minutes of jabbing from the members and Elders "woo hoo... finding some GREAT folks there"... he he...we gave him a book of mormon to read when he was sober.

So some fun awesomeness that I forgot to tell about. 2 weeks ago Sister Mills and I... my last companion. Taught a training in Zone Conference on Joy and Happiness. It was really fun to teach during zone conference and I was loving the topic. I was telling all the Elders to be positive in the work, that happiness is largely a choice. etc. Then I told them to love their companions no matter what...went off on a shpeel about that then said " A mission is like marriage. These things will teach you how to be a better husband. So if there is NO LOVE at home. MAKE LOVE at home.."..... uh... then it sunk in that I had just told all of the elders and my mission president and all of the senior couples in the room to make home. and... it was so awkward. Then I started embarassingly laughing. Luckily I dont think president caught on, but all of the Elders were DYING. I couldnt live it down. People still talk about it. dang it. make love at home... oh dear. yup. So not only do I say embarassing things in Hungarian ... still doing it in english.

Last funny/weird story of the week. This random man called us this week and said "i want to meet. We meet like 3 months ago and I am ready to meet again." So we met at this random location downtown and he had brought a friend. What a surprise! He was a really nice younger, rendes, man. His friend seemed so nice. Then they started leading us to our meeting location. I still had no idea why we were meeting or who they were. Other than they had met with the missionaries before and they were interested in God. Well they lead us through the city straight to the JEHOVAH WITNESS LAIR!!!! They were J DUBS!! Hence why they were being so secretive about the details. They lead us down into their lair..and pulled out all of these articles about mormons that had been written in the ealry 90's and wanted us to explain them to them. None of it was offensive, and they didnt argue..I would have left if they had. It was really interesting. Then just as their church was ending we were leaving and we had our tags on, and we got so many stares and I swear we were going to get stoned right then and there. We made it out alive and are visiting the LAIR again next week. oh goodie. fun times with the J dubs.

well everyone. I love you all. Life is so good here in Szeged. Its so weird how everything fell into place for me to be here. I love every second of it.

sok sok szeretettel

Papritz nővér

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