Monday, January 16, 2012

Autumn - Szeged, Hungary - I am sooo spoiled.

Hello everyone!!

This week was awesome! The work is going so good. It was a really successful week. I think the Lord is REALLY spoiling me here in Szeged. The city is beautiful, my companion is awesome, the work comes pretty effortlessly, the members are wonderful, and we just happen to find new investigators everyweek! So things are going so great.

The biggest hit of the week was english class!! We had been advertising for hours and hours and passing out flyers and putting flyers in mailboxes. We had invested a lot of work in it. Whelp, it all really paid off. We had almost 40 people in the beginners class that I taught!! It was awesome! and over 20 of them said they wanted to meet personally! So.. WOO HOO!! So that will keep us busy for a while meeting with all of them. So i am super excited about that.

The craziest thing of the week is that I have been having a lot of back pain. I have always had this little dull ache from all my years in the hospital doing 12 hour shifts, but last week it turned into this spinal pain. Compressing sharpness... blah need for the details. Needless to say it hurts! So after finally deciding to talk to the area doctor, and calling the senior couple in our area (one who is a physical therapist), and talking to President. I got approved to go to a Hungarian Thermal Bath!!! wooo hoooo!!! The physical therapist said it would help loosen my muscles....YES! I had seen the pictures of the "Bath Houses" in all of the websites that I looked up before the mission. I always thought It would be soooo cool to go to one,but because of mission rules knew it would never be possible. Well this week, all of my dreams came true. It was AWESOME! So with some approval, dont you all worry. I was able to soak my horribly aching back in some wonderful hungarian mineral baths, and sit in lemon flavored steam saunas, and lay in a "bed" in this other mineral bath that had JETS shooting all over my back. OH and it was all in this beautiful European architectured (sp?) building, with giant domed ceilings. Basically, it was awesome. and it helped the back. So i guess I will just have to make regular Medicinal visits to the Thermal Baths! wow life is so rough here. In between being a missionary and teaching a bunch of people, I have to go to a thermal bath. hmm.. rough. The most hilarious part was that, obviously I didnt pack a swimsuit for my mission. never imagined in million years I would need one. So I had to wear shorts and a T shirt and basically everyone looked at my like I was from MARS!!! The rooms would go silent when I walked in, and they would stare at me like I had 5 legs... cause apparently (from what I observed) bikinis and speedos are the norm. guess I was overdressed. It was hilarious and awesome. was a bunch of like 60 year olds there. I was surrounded by a bunch of hilarious retired Hungarians bathing..and then me, in my clothes. priceless.

Dont worry besides going to thermal baths... the missionary life is going awesome. I am loving ever second of this place. My passion for the Book of Mormon is THROUGH THE ROOF! I love that book. I love giving it to people. I love knowing that it is sitting on peoples shelves, on their night stand, their kitchen table. I love giving them the opportuity to find true happiness in this life. Who knew it could be found in a book?! and we give it away FREE!! Eternal happness...FREE!!!! It has become my greatest passion on the mission, (besides sharing the message of the Restoration. Jézus Krisztus eredeti egyháza vissza lett állítva!) I love giving it to people, knowing that even if they never meet with us, or get baptized, the reminder will always be on their shelf. Years down the road they can look on their shelf, start reading and be reminded there is soooo much more to this life than they ever imagined.

Well you all have a wonderful week. I love you all.

sok sok szeretettel
Papritz nővér

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