Monday, January 2, 2012

Autumn - Szeged, Hungary - HAPPY NEW YEARS!


Well this new year started off with a BANG!!! I cannot believe I am serving in Szeged. This place is GORGEOUS. I am loving it. I got my new greenie baby and her name is Sister Suranyi!!! She is from Canada. Her grandparents on her Dads side are Hungarian (but she didnt speak the language before the mission) Loves to sing. Is funny and is a GENIUS at the language. Like seriously its embarassing. She speaks as well as I did just like 4 months ago. soo... that will be hilarious when she starts speaking better than me in two weeks! haha. She came into the mission with SOOO MUCH Greenie Fire and just this insane incredible desire to work hard and find people. Which is PERFECT because we have 0 investigators and 0 appointments this week and LOTS and LOTS of finding to do! woo hoo for starting over!! But I am excited for all of it. I really feel like I started a whole new mission here in Szeged. This will be unlike anything I have done before.

Some awesome things that happened this week.

1. My companion and I were called up to the pulpit in church to give introductions and bare our testimony. She stood up there and bore her little heart out and was speaking great. Then started telling the congregation "My brother is serving his mission in France" Unfortunately to say "in france" is "francba"... which means to Hell. haha... so she told the whole congregation that her brother was serving his mission IN HELL!!! haha..... poor thing. she didnt understand why everyone was laughing at her. I felt so bad. But I had no clue to warn her about that one, didnt know she would be talking about the country of france like that! haha. oh, greenie mistakes are the best. so cute.

2. On the train down to Szeged, it was like 2.5 hours. Szeged is the most southern city in the mission. Just minutes from the Serbian border. So we were on the train and in our train cab was this man with 4 little children. and they were SOOOOO cute and we got to talk to them for a long time about the gospel and book of mormn. Also him and I have similar passion for the holocaust and jewish history so we talked a lot about that. It was just a great start for my greenie to have such a wonderful teaching experience on the train to the city. We got his contact info, but unfortunately I lost my planner (for the first time EVER) and it had all his contact info. Atleast he got to talk to missionaries.

3. This city is BEAUTIFUL. Our apartment is right along the Tisza river and our windows overlook the bridge and the river. So when it was new years we could see fireworks shooting off over the River. It was so cool. This city is just gorgeuos. I am so excited to be serving in such abeautiful place. Met a lot of people from the ward on sunday and it was AWESOME becaus they have a young womens program here! the first of my mission! i LOVE YOUNG WOMENS and am sooooo excited to help out the young women in this little branch.

4. We did some whipping on saturday and I must say I am getting better at it. Sister Suranyi was a beast and was cracking the whip all over place! Like a professional! It was like she had been whipping for years!!!! So that was a fun thing to do in this beautiful park here. It was awesome because we talked to this one woman who said that in the Eastern part of the country whipping is actually a New Years tradition and she runs this little Newspaper in her little village in eastern hungary. She took a picture of us all whipping and is going to put it in her newspaper! So if I ever find the website online with the picture I will send it. It was a fun new years.

Well everyone. I love you all. So glad to have a new year, a new area, a new companion, a new outlook on the misson. Everything feels really new and it makes me excited. Makes me more energized for the work.

I love you all! Have wonderful new years!

sok sok szeretettel
Papirtz nővér

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