Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Autumn - Duna, Hungary - BOLDOG KARACSONYT!


Well this week has just been CRAZY and wonderful with the Holidays, only to be topped off with the most insane intense transfer calls of my life. So today I got the call to find out what is happening with me this next transfer. I wasnt suspecting anything, because I just started training Sister Mills. But President Baughman called me today and told me I AM TRAINING AGAIN!! .... and WHITEWASHING a new city.... SZEGED!!! ... Sisters havent served in this city for over 4 years and so this will be a big change for them and a HUGE change for me. It is just crazy to be training back to back. The awesome thing about it, is that Sister Roderick and I this summer "vacationed" to this city Szeged. We performed a concert on a friday night, and the next day was a national holiday that we were able to spend in this city. So we spent the night in Szeged and toured around the next day and I just FELL IN LOVE with this city. It is beautiful and just really culturally rich. When we were there I kept saying "oh man I want to serve here. I love it here." but sisters havent been in that city in over 4 years. So i knew it was impossible. Then sister Roderick said "Im going to make a prediction. You will open up Szeged, in January, with a Greenie" .... I just laughed that off, cause that was impossible. and seemd REALLY impossible once I found out that I was training last transfer because we dont ever train back to back in this mission. So then this morning when President baughman said I would be training and opening Szeged for sisters...my jaw just dropped and I remembered back to that day in August when Sister Roderick predicted this very same situation. We even had picked out which greenie it would be (since in the mission home you can see their pictures months and months in advanced. So back in august we had my greenie picked out)...so on thursday I will found out if I get matched with that sister. So perhaps Sister Roderick will be 3 for 3 on the prophecy scale.

I am really soo sooooo excited and terrified and nervous and freaking out and overwhelmed..but excited. I really did fall in love with that city after that one random day we spent there. So it is like a dream come true to actually be going there. I am so excited for that, but I know I am entering the hardest work I will ever do on my mission. But I am so excited to apply everything I have learned on the mission to this next area. I feel like my whole mission has led up to these next few transfers. It sounds super corny, but I know I am supposed to be going here. Almost destiny like. It just all fits so perfectly. I am really excited for my Szeged Saga. let the Adventures BEGIN!!!

OH YEAH.. and there was Christmas. It was a great Christmas. On Christmas eve we drove down to Pécs, that pretty city we went to for Thanksgiving. We ate at a chinese restaraunt. Did some shopping and played cards. Sister Mills and I did some sight seeing. We visited the Lock Wall... the place where people attach all of these Locks to these iron bars and it symbolized that they will be together for eternity. A couple before they get married, or a couple in love with attach a lock to this wall to symbolize their love. and so we took a bunch of pictures of that. I attached some cute locks we found. Then on Christmas day we went to church and then ate lunch at a members home and then got to Skype my family. It was absolutely delightful. The best call home ever. So great to see them all, and my sister Amy home. I loved it. Then monday we just hung around and watched movies and relaxed. Then that night we went to a members house for dinner and painted candle holders, apparently it is a hungarian tradition to do a painted craft during christmas. Then we played charades in Hungarian with them. It was hilarious. It was the perfect holiday weekend. I needed the rest especially since this week is going to be NUTS moving to a city with a greenie and both us of will have NO CLUE where we are or what we are doing. Well, I will know what we are doing, just no clue where we are. It will be an exciting thrilling adventure. I can't wait.

I love you all!!!

Papritz nővér

Monday, December 19, 2011

Autumn - Duna, Hungary - SNOW!


WOW.... snow is falling for the first time this year. Right now. I am kind of loathing it. BUT... I will survive. The city is covered in white, which is making this land of factories look a little bit prettier...and its feeling a little bit more like Christmas.

Well this week turned out AWESOME!!! I was super sick for most of the week until friday. I was just out, couldnt really get out of bed, just flu/sinus infection nastiness. My brain was super cloudy and just couldnt think straight. Then on friday, I woke up and my mind was clear and I was just READY to get to work again! I felt like a missionary again! It was great. So we went out and streeted and tracted for a little bit and just had the funnest little miracle. We had prepared our five "presents" for people and said we were giving people a Christmas Present... aka. Book of Mormon. So we were able to hand out 4 of them on the streets and through tracting, but we were getting super tired.. and mind you this is the first day after many days of sickness that I was working. So I was exhausted...but we had 1 Book of Mormon left. So we decided to knock on one last door... (yes.. this is one of those "on the last door" stories).... and so we knocked, and these two women answered the door about 50 years old. One was a friend that was visiting, and the owner of the apartment, Marci said "come on in, just come on in"...we hadnt even said anything and she invited us in. Then we sat down and she said "I used to meet with the sisters, like 10 years ago... then they left the city and nobody has contacted me since. I always wondered where the went." then she started telling us everything she had learned from them.. she is hilarious, and we just had this awesome lesson, talked about the Book of Mormon with her friend, gave her our last copy..and then set up to come back next week. We actually ran into her on the street before we emailed and she said "youre all coming over tonight right?! We'll be waiting!"

THEN i got the surprise of a life time, a call from Béla! This investigator that Sister Roderick and I found in Budapest, the one that we did Tai Chi with, and he told me he was getting BAPTIZED on sunday!! So I rearranged some stuff and we were able to go to the Baptism in budapest! It was the most wonderful baptism I have been to. So many people were there and another girl named ZsuZsa got baptized the same day. I was able to talk to Béla and see so many people from Pest. I miss the city so much and it was so fun having everyone say "wow you speak Hungarian now!".. since that was my greenie area, I communicated with a lot of smiles and laughes. It was so great seeing my old friends, and then seeing Lászlo and Barbye, my two miracle children. I was so grateful to have 3 people be there, whose baptisms I was able to be apart of. It was just the greatest joy to see them all. The best part was when Béla was baptized. He went down into the water and came back up beaming, and then embraced the Elder that baptized him, with the fiercest gratitude I have ever seen. He just didnt let go for the longest time, and I could just feel the genuine love he had for the gospel. You could just feel the spirit so strong. I knew back when sister Roderick and I found him that it was too good to be true. Then it was all manifest in that font, all of the preperation he had had was so evident in that hug and his beaming smile. It was one of those moments I will always remember from my mission. It was TOTALLY AWESOME! (to use a favorite papritz phrase)

So that was the week. spiritually packed. It is so great to be serving here and on a mission. best decision ever. OH ALSO this week we went to a Christmas concert for a less active member who sings in this local choir. The first half of the concert was the school of music recital, and all of these cute little kids were banging away on the piano and clarinets. and then the grand finale was an ACCORDIAN QUARTET... they did a rocking version of "Jingle Bell Rocks" full of all of that Umpa umpa umpapapa accordian style. I felt so european to be watching a christmas accordian quartet.

So this week is Christmas and I am so excited to talk to my family! woo hoo! AMY gets home tomorrow! wow! Christmas is so great. I am excited to spend it on the mission and basking in all of the Christmas glory that the mission has to offer.

I love you all!!

Papritz nővér