Monday, October 31, 2011

Autumn October 31, 2011

Hello EVERYONE!!!!!

Transfer 6 week 3... weird. I hit my TEN month mark on the mission..... and that just seems like a lot of months. That is nuts, because I vividly remember the day my sister went into the MTC and that seemed like just yesterday, but that was in JULY of last year...and now she is coming home soon. wowzers. Time is flying. MAKE IT STOP!....well maybe not, just uh make it go a little bit slower.

This week wasn't super eventful except for this one big event.... haha. Uneventful in the sense of missionary work, VERY eventful in the sense of fending for our lives from a scary man that looks like a clown, without makeup...well, heh, with makeup, that would be weird. anyways, so this man named Nandor..well we were tracting in his building, knocked on his door. immediately my creepy senses were going crazy. We stood there and said "We have a message about Jesus Christ can we share it with you?".. after talking about religion for a while at the door he was all about it, ... thinking there was someone else in the house we stepped in, bad move, so we left him with a short message set up for a later time and left. Just feeling like, eww that was weird. BUT he asked some really good genuine questions. So we set up for the following saturday and we planned to bring a young male member... to protect us, and be a member present. SO that day comes, we go to the apartment building and the MEMBER dogs us... what the?! so we are left to fend for ourselves, we step up knock on the door.. literally throw a book of mormon at him (i know the wettlaufers are scoffing at my use of literally there, no we did not LITERALLY throw the book, just really maybe practically threw it at him) and said "this book is about Jesus and faith and here's a good chapter on faith... got to run" (our voices are trailing off as we are running out the door trying to escape his creepy gaze) mind you he keeps looking us up and down, gross. and he looks like a creepy clown... creepy giant mustache, hair that LITERALLY (used correctly) stuck out from both sides of his head, bald on top, squinty little eyes, kind of muffled slurring speech (im sure clowns talk muffled and slurridly). So we run away, but still want to give this guy a chance to accept the gospel because he genuinely had some really good life questions, and so we set up to come back tomorrow WITH the member. Tomorrow comes, member is with us, we go in the apartment and teach a great lesson on the Book of Mormon, testimony is shared from the member and sister Wright. Unfortunately I cannot concentrate I am devising an escape plan in my mind and other self defense methods if something were to happen... etc. My mind is always working as the protector/nurse. So I notice he is not really commenting on what we are saying other than like "yea thats a possibity, sure that sounds nice..etc" but he strangely enough liked to stare at us. sooo yet again creepy sensers are going crazy, we decide to wrap this up and leave. The member leaves the door first and turns to shake his hand then walks down the hall to the elevator. Then sister Wright and I turn around to shake his hand and say goodbye. Sister Wright sticks her hand out and he grabs it and looks like he is going to kiss it (which is something some old men do out of respect) but instead of kissing it, he just gets really close to her and starts pulling her back into the apartment, I step in and grab her arm to pull her back, we keep telling him "This is not allowed, stop, we cannot be in there alone with you" and he kept saying "just come in, I have something to tell you" .... OH REALLY?! yeah right. So I grab her and try to put her behind me, so I could step between I could do what?! No clue, punch the guy?! who knows.. All I knew is that I needed to step between Sister Wright and the creepy clown.. then he lets go of her hand and we just BOOK IT to the elevator. We turn the corner and the MEMBER who was there to PROTECT US, was like what just happened. We just had huge dazed eyes, and then he knew he had failed at proteting us. haha. he felt so bad. needless to say. A large majority of men in Hungary are really creepy, and even if we want to give someone a chance to learn the gospel.....sharing it with CREEPY men is not the best method. So now we have devised a plan where the Elders and 3 of the biggest men in the ward are going to go to his door for the "next appoint" and stand behind us as our body guards, and we will give him a little taste of judgement day. haha. So that was the big event of the week. It was creepy, and we survived. Hallelujah. Sister Wright wanted me to note, he was super short and so we could have taken him anyways.. no worries.

So that was the big event of the week. Dont worry mom, I have been doing P90X, I am prepared to keep us safe. It was a crazy feeling after that, we just went home and had to pray and read our scriptures to get our heads on straight. After that we realized we had a learned a couple of good lessons and were grateful that we had been able to just go on with our day.

I learned a great lesson last week from a less active member that we looked up. Her name is Danfy Anna and she lost her right leg and left toes to Diabetes. We had no clue who she was when we knocked on the door and then got let in, low and behold she was legless and so HIGH SPIRITED! She was HILARIOUS!!! We sat and visited with her for a long time, and we got to talking about her illness (Hungarians LOVE to talk about their sicknesses) she told us, "You know a lot of people would think I am in a really rough spot, and I am, but you know what... whats the use of being sad about it? I would rather laugh about it all then be sad!" She was just all smiles and made us laugh and seriously, I was so inspired by this woman. Because I have met a lot of Hungarians who in that circumstance would have essentially stopped living, would have just given up all hope. But not Anna, she lives each day laughing and loving her family and just holding out, despite her lack of leg, heart problems, poor eyesight, yet has the incomprehensible ability to say "Its so much more worth it to laugh." Thats my kind of woman. Just laugh it off, and keep on keeping on. Laughter has always been a huge part of my life, but on my mission it means so much more to me. Its what keeps me and companions sane, it what always makes a crazy day better. If I have laughed that day, then It was a good day. I know that laughter is a true gift from God, and I am so grateful for it.

The mission teaches some incredible things, and I think the most intriging thing is that it has illuminated the simple everyday life things that I perhaps took for granted. I now appreciate my family, laughter, sunshine, health, english, happiness, america, freedom, my job, my friends, my education, my parents, the gospel.. more than I ever could imagine. It so incredible to think that it would take a mission to put it all into perspective. I am truly so blessed to be here having this experience, there is absolutely nothing on this earth that I could exchange it for. Thank you all for your support. Go share the gospel with someone this week. Do it, you'll never regret it.

Sok sok szeretettel,

Sister Papritz

p.s. today was super PDAY and we had some incredible adventures including a roadtrip to the Balaton, a castle, thatched roof houses, true Hungarian countryside, amazing rock skipping, and incredible fall colors and hanging out as a district. Details to come next week. Stay tuned!

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