Monday, October 24, 2011

Autumn October 24, 2011

Sziasztok!!! kedves családom és barátaim! Nagyon hiányoztok nekem! Alig varom hogy újra lássalak benneteket!

Well this week was full of surprises, and one in particular that made me decide if I ever broke an arm on my mission, I would rather be left for dead than taken to a Hungarian Hospital! We went to visit a member that was in the hospital. This member had a history of stroke, with some major left sided weakness. He tries to walk with a cane but instead just decides to RISK it on his own and ends up falling a lot. Hes an old stubborn Hungarian man. Well this week, he fell and got up and then couldnt talk at all! So he was telling us he felt like he had a stroke again and so they took him to the hospital into the Neuro floor. So first of all, this place has socalized health care... problem number one. So he told us to come to the hospital to visit him. Well of course we would, so we walk up to the hospital and it already looks like a psych ward... like a 1940s horror film. We go inside, i first saw the sign for the TRAUMA UNIT!!! THe elders had to peal me away from that, I wanted to run in and see some action! but... oh, little did I know I would be seeing PLENTY that day. We walked up the stairs to he neuro unit, the place looks like death.. the hospital was just gray colors and all dimly lit. There are people lining everyhall just waiting to get seen by a doctor. The emergency room must have had 100s of people just sitting in chairs everywhere. People were just waiting for HOURS outside of these places, hoping to get seen by a doctor that day.

So we finally found the neuro unit and just walked right questions asks, just 4 random americans can strut into a hospital. So the hospital staff is all dressed in classic "white" everything.. so old school. So we start down the hall and I start looking into everyroom, and they are rooms that are maybe like 20 feet deep and 12 feet wide with 3 OLD metal beds crammed side by side. They cram 3-6 people into these rooms, with literally a knees length of room between each bed. Each patient could literally sit at the side of their bed, and their knees would be touching the next persons bed. AND to top it off, everyroom was just this ugly death gray color and the floors were old black and white tiles, that looked like from some horror show. The beds looked like they were the same ones used back in the plague era from the 1910s, there was a little thin pad of mattress. We finally found his room and I immediately see that there is not ANY kind of hand sanitation anywhere, no soup by the sink, no hand gel.. nothing. No gloves on the wall! NOTHING. there were not even curtains to seperate each of these patients. We sit own and start talking to him and he is telling us all about the ambulance bringing him in and how scary it was that he couldnt talk.. etc etc. Well then in walks the aide with Lunch for everyone. She just sits all of these trays on the windowseal for these stroke patients to just, what.. get up and feed themselves?! so. she leaves the room and Lájos the patient we were with yells to the aide "hey I need my insulin" she said " well dont you usually just do that for yourself?!" (mind you he cant even move his left arm) he said "well it would be helpful if you could do it for me" so she walks over, (no hand washing, no gloves) and opens this old container that had an old insulin syringe with an old needle on it, she draws up the amount, lifts his shirt up and just shoves it in him... no alcohol wipe, no pinch of the skin, no NOTHING! just plop, in with an old needle! and shes not even a NURSE! who knows if it was even HIS old needle because it was on the table next to the other patient and HIS old insulin needle. no labels. needless to say I was having an inner cow. But obviously, could do nothing. Then I start looking over at the other patient next to them, he is in some kind of resperatory distress and my brain got to imagining things "what if he coded right now? what would I do? Where is the crash cart? where is the oxygen masks? where is the nearest intubation kit?" (my imagination really went wild) So i started looking around the room, there was absolutely no oxygen, no alarms to call anyone, no emergency anything! no way to even lay the bed down easily to do CPR! Luckily the man did not code, he did not die... but who knows how much later he did. it was NUTS! It was like I was walking into a horror movie. So we left and I was just in shock. and SO grateful I am american citizen with american hospitals. It was quite the experience. So glad I didnt have to use my ACLS skills that day, I would have been ready to jump into action with nothing to use, because they probably didnt have emergency meds in the entire hospital! crazy.

So that was the most exciting thing this week. oh man, it got my inner nurse all fired up. Then it reminded me how funny my nurse position is right now. I got two calls this week for throwing up, 1 for a twisted ankle, and one for a box lifting back injury! Oh my ICU skills! why cant someone call with a traumatic gun shot wound! But no, its just "hey sister papritz can I take tylenol on an empty stomach?" " well, i mean, try to eat something before you take it." "oh well, i dont have any groceries so I have nothing to eat" " well then I guess you cant eat anything" "i have some canned peaches" "ok, great... eat canned peaches.. whatever" ... oh the life of the mission nurse. haha.

but luckily I also get to be a regular missionary. and that is THE BEST! teaching people is so fun and finding people is even funner. and tracting is the FUNNIEST. Like this week finding ourselves infront of a STYROFOAM door. uh How do you knock on a styrofoam door?! when we knocked it made NO SOUND?! an the door bell didnt work! we figured we could have just busted in, styrofoam isnt that hard. but we resisted.

This life really is the greatest. I love what I am doing. Just pray I never have to be a patient in a Hungarian hospital, I would never make it out a live.

I love you all!

sok sok szeretettel
papritz nővér

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