Monday, October 31, 2011

Austin Oct 31, 2011

Dear Family,

So last week I talked about how I was reading the war chapters in the Book of Mormon. Well that night we had a dinner appointment with the bishop and his family and I gave a little spiritual thought based on something I read that morning. There was actually a little part in one of the chapters that reminded me of the ward and it's situation with a lot of new move-ins and converts. I could tell Bishop really liked it. At church yesterday someone in the ward council told me that Bishop really wants to focus on the recent-converts and get a binder made so that we can keep track of them and make sure they are being taught. He told me that Bishop mentioned that the scripture I shared after dinner last week had really impacted him and he had been thinking about it all week. Then the stake had a temple night at the Chicago temple and he even took it to the temple to pray about it and figure out a plan. Anyways, he told the ward counsel the summation of his thoughts and plans and that we need to fortify our recent-converts to avoid being 're-captured' by the adversary just like the cities in the chapter I shared with him. That was a lot of comfort to hear that because last month when they had us over we didn't have a lesson because we were rushed and we figured 'Hey, he's the bishop. If he needs a lesson then we are in trouble so we can skip it.' But the spirit later chastised me about it and now I'm rather glad I prepared for it. And then he bragged about us during testimony meeting yesterday (we have stake conference next week).

We received a referral last week for a lady that lives here in Waukesha and just had a heart surgery, I think. She has been having a hard time and her brother (who is a member in Kentucky) told us to go visit her. We had a fanTASTic lesson with her. I think she cried like 6 times and told us they were tears of hope. She had just got over a hard divorce and had many questions that she wanted answer. Definitely one of those times in my mission where I knew I was fulfilling my purpose. She is already on track to be baptized and reading the Book of Mormon.

Our ward had a Trunk or Treat last week and a lot of the kids went all out. It was pretty impressive. There was this kid in this hilarious outfit it was this little pillow pet apparently but it looked like his parents just put him in a dog bed. I laughed every time I saw it and he was too young to even realize what he was in.

The less active we found at the library went to the temple last Saturday with the stake. Apparently they had a great experience. I can't believe how awesome that guy is just coming out of the army and having never really experienced church outside of it. We had a dinner appointment with a member and it was a last minute thing so we didn't have a lesson prepared so we just did a music extravaganza. All their kids are super young and so we did little primary songs it so was funny. One of the kids was super shy and was practically crying while doing the popcorn popping. The whole thing was a sort of disaster but that's what made it hilarious. But we ended with Families and Be Together Forever and that one went well.

Love you all and pray for you and that you can speak your little langauges that you'll never use in the US!
Elder P

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