Monday, October 24, 2011

Austin Oct 24, 2011

Dear Family,

So I'm in the war chapters in Alma right now of my reading in the Book of Mormon. During comp study we talk about what we learned during our personal study. I was amazed how many times the Lamanites fell for the chase and flank. It was like 5 times they fell for it. They always march out to meet the Nephites and the Nephites always pretended to run away so that they'd chase after them just for them to get flanked in the wilderness...every time. So I thought that was kind of tight.

After we had emailed last week a guy came up to us and asked about the church. I was hoping he was some golden investigator but it was a recent convert that had moved here from Texas. He had just gotten released from the army and so we gave him the information along with our phone. He later walked in to the clothing closet where we do service. But he just kind of looked surprised to see us and then told me that he wanted to speak to us after we were done. We gave him a call and he we found out that he really needed help. He had spent his last day in the Salvation Army and he would have nowhere to sleep. But he didn't want us to just fix the problem he wanted us to just give him whatever comfort we could give him. We met at the library on Saturday to give him a Book of Mormon and talk to him. He was explaining his situation -- a similar situation that I've seen all too often in my mission. And I had the same feeling I always do - helplessness. I just prayed that he'd find help. I just kept telling him over and over that he needed to talk to the bishop. But he kind of had no where to stay that night. I was surprised to look up and see our BISHOP wondering over towards us casually in regular clothes. I asked him, "Hey, what are you doing here?" (mind you that the guy we know doesn't recognize him, of course.) "I'm looking for something but I don't really know what." So I told him, "Well you just found it, take a seat!" I told the guy, "This is the bishop!" He eyes got suuuper wide, I'm sure he was pretty surprised. We explained the situation and bishop helped him out.

Our two baptismal dates are doing great too!

GOt ot go.
Elder Papritz

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