Sunday, October 30, 2011

Amy Oct 30, 2011

Zao an qin ai de jiating!!
I hope that ya'll have had a great week. Wo de zhege libai guode bu cuo (My week wasn't too bad). Not much happened this week besides the normal missionary work. We have a lot of steady investigators that are progressing really well toward their dates. Tiffany set a baptismal date for November 13!!!! She is definately going to make that date! We found one new investigator who is great. The Elders tracked into her. She is 16 named Zhang. She told us that her family opposes but she still wanted to meet with us. She has a lot of kewang (desire) to learn the Gospel and see how it will help her.
We had an interesting experience at the park the other day. I was riding my bike when a man started riding next to me. I found out he was from France. He was in Taiwan for work and to try out a new bicycle. He asked about why I was there and when I told him I was a missionary it started a very interesting conversation. I found out that he is basically atheist. When I tried to share about the Book of Mormon he started to tear it apart and say that the people back then didnt have a writing system so how could they write a book. He said that the Bible is man's creation and not from God. He was taught by Jesuit scholars which teach them to question everything but forbid them from questioning God. Its so interesting. He said that the question he has asked his whole life, He was once a devout Catholic, is who created the creator. His did. It is just an imagined thing we have no evidence that God exists. It sounds a lot like Korihor in the Book of Mormon eh? Needless to say we didnt' get very far with him. I left that conversation very sad that he has been so decieved. There really is a God, our Heavenly Father, who created this earth for us His children. There are so many things on this earth that testify of God's exisitance. Anyways, I hope one day he will come to know the truth.
Well I think thats this week in a nutshell. I hope that ya'll have a great week. Love you!!!
Sister Amy Papritz

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