Sunday, September 4, 2011

Alden - Taiwan - September 4, 2011

Dear Family.

So this week the work has been a little slow. all week we contacted. the good news is we now have a lot more new investigators. We had about 8 Investigators before but we could never get ahold of a lot of them. Or they couldn't find time to meet with us, especially with our crazy schedules. But, all is well, we are being blessed for our efforts to find.

This week not a whole lot happened. Besides a lot of contacting. I had my first incident with a car. Don't worry it wasn't a crash or a near death experience. I just got a little love tap from some car that happened to be there when I was turning around in the road. So all is well. This next week we have transfer calls. YaY. My companion and I have been talking about it, and it is possible that we will split. Which is crazy because normally you are with your trainer for two transfers. But its OK. If I do get moved I hope it is to zhonghe near Amy. Then we could party all the time.
OK so ya I am alive and well I am feeling great. The work here in Taiwan is moving along.
well that's about it. OH... last night I left my bike lock key at the church when we had the fireside. so when we were heading home, I had to carry my bike. sounds like fun. you should try it.

OK well that's it.

Love you all sooooooooooo much.

Elder Alden Papritz.