Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Autumn August 2, 2011 Duna Hungary

Kedves családom és barátaim!!

The RAINS are still falling in Duna... seriously everyday since I got here it has been raining. but it makes for some FUN days.. and I would kind of rather be wet in the rain then sweating my brains out in the humidity.

Well lets just say.. this week was AWESOME. The work here in Duna is going sooooo good. Like unbelievably good. I thought the miracles might not follow me to Duna.. once I left Pest... my first land of Miracles.. but low and Behold there are MIRACLES here TOO!!!!! AWESOME!!!!

This is our formula for miracles: 1. We wake up every morning and stand at our 9th floor apartment balcony... look over the city of Dunaújváros and then at the top of our lungs... yell " REPENT YE PEOPLE OF DUNAÚJVÁROS!! REPENT! REPEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNTTTTTTT!!!!!" ..and we start our day off with a little bit of repentence calling to the entire city. Its pretty epic. 2. then we just basically... find a bunch of miracles. seriously dont know how we find so many awesome people. it just happens.

Awesomeness from the week
1. My old buddy László from Pest... my first miracle man... surprised me this week and CAME TO DUNA!!! He just showed up in sacrament meeting and it was such a good week for him to come because I gave a talk in church and sister Roderick and I did a musical number. So he came to church and sat in the congregation and just beemed like a proud papa during my talk and our musical number. The best part of it was... when we walked into the church there he was standing with this HUGE grin on his face and he was wearing A SUIT AND TIE!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! It was just the PERFECT TRANSFORMATION!!!! Roderick and I found him on the streets in Grubby, gross work overalls and nasty shoes. He came to church in those grubby overalls for several weeks, he didnt have any clothes... then slowly miracles started happening in his life, he found work, steady daily work, he got promoted, he got baptized... and then boom. He shows up in Duna wearing a suit and Tie looking like a million bucks. It was just the epitome of what kind of transformation the gospel can have on someone. Best day ever.

2. The J-Dubs.. or jehovah witnesses... are basically the beign (dont know how to spell that word in english) bane? of our existence here. Apparently years ago J Dubs taught a lot of people here.. and then LITERALLY kidnapped children and took them to their church to baptize them. So parents are TERRIFIED of us because they see us in pairs like the J Dubs... we knock doors like the J Dubs... and apparently they think we kidnap children like the J Dubs. WELL.... we had a little victory over the J dubs. Our churches are basically just down the road from each other in this small town. On sunday we had a little army of investigators we were walking to church with.. and we decided to march RIGHT in front of the J dub church. SOOOO... we had our army and proudly walked with our tags on and chests held high as SOLDIERS OF THE GOSPEL.. and marched passed that J dub church, and all of those people glared at us and gave us the stink eye.. and we just smiled and yelled "JÓ NAPOT KÍVÁNOK!" and just marched our little army over to the mormon church. take that J dubs. (dont worry.... this may reek of pride... but we were pretty happy to be representing the Lord just then)

3. We did some awesome tracting this week. (door knocking) and well I love tracting because its basically like that tv show that says "whats behind door number 1?!" and they throw the door open and its either a new car or like an ironing board. and the person is totally excited or totally bummed at what they get. Well tracting is kind of the same thing... i just get so excited at the surprises that are behind the doors. Here are the spurprises from this week. Behind door number 1:
  • An old drunk man in his whitey tities opening his door...and talking to us.. standing there in his underwear.
  • An old old néni (old lady) that opens the door with her fly WIDE open... and talks to us FOREVER and then invites us in, only to find her house is STREWN with a lot of REALLY REALLY hard liquer. like REALLY hard stuff... and at the door she seemed like such a sweet innocent néni with her zipper down
  • a Different 90 year old Néni that opened the door, quickly started shutting it saying " I DONT HAVE ANY TIME!! NO TIME AT ALL!!!!! IM SO BUSY!!!!"... she definitely was like 100 years old, and 100 year olds just sit at home all day with NOTHING TO DO.. and ALL THE TIME in the world. so.. she definitely wasnt " SOO BUSY"
  • We got let in at this house.. of this néni that had two little kittens that were near death crawling all over us, flies were flying every where, and her dog hadnt been bathed in a month AND there was a GIANT HUMONGOUS GOOSE that was just flying around in her back yard. and she had just peed herself. literally.... peed herself when we came to the door. she was too old to realize she had done it. poor thing.
So those are some of the surprises behind those lovely doors that we knock.

Also we had some miracles getting let into this old apartment of this man that had seen missionaries 10 years ago.. and his super rendes daughter, 16 years old, was there that was so sweet and had so many questions about the gospel... then we went back to teach them the next day and she had brought her AWESOME RENDES friend to her house.. and we taught her too and we asked them what kind of questions they had in life and they said " i just really want to know whats going to happen in this next life? where are we going?" ... WELLLLLLL.... we JUST SO HAPPEN to have the answer to those VERY questions. It was such a great program, taught about the restoration, they loved it and loved the Book of Mormon..and then after that is when they asked us all of lifes questions. Boom.... golden. We told them to stay tuned..cause next time their minds are going to get blown with THE TRUTH!!!

So as you can see. life is awesome. and I get to experience my first (well and only) BIRTHDAY AS A MISSIONARY!!! tomorrow is my big day... its gonna be weird. but awesome. i can feel it.

I love you all

papritz nővér

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