Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Austin August 2, 2011

Dear Family,

Elder Woodward and I have really been owning people lately. We have just been really blessed with a really good turnover rate when going out contacting people. We had 5 new investigators this week and set an appoint for 2 more investigators this week. Including this one family which has potential, I think, to just rock the branch's world here. They are a huge family, the Mom is solid, outgoing and smart (she reminds me of Mom), and then she has SIX kids that are all fantastic and would be great additions to the branch. We even found out that the 14 year old daughter has a friend that is a member in the English ward. The only thing is that the Mom works 7 days out of the week! It's going to be tough to work with that, we'll see what happens. Another investigator, Irene, is also just really intelligent. She accepted a baptismal commitment and after reading the introduction to the Book of Mormon understand that she needs to read the book and pray about it and already knows that God will answer her prayer. She set a goal for herself to read the whole book in a month! I was like, are you sure? And she said, Yeah no problem I'm a fast reader.

As you can tell things are just going really well, which interestingly correlates with the success that everyone else in the family seems to be having. I'm glad we're just kicking butt throughout the world. I'll tell you guys, I have seen some kind of light being in this new companionship. Things are going a lot smoother, we speak Spanish full-time out of the apartment. We study hard and well and it's just nothing I've really experienced in my mission. It's been tough having trained for 6 months of my mission. I almost forgot what a normal companion should be like.

Loove you guys, I was ecstatic to read about the reunion over there in Taiwain. It's going to be just so, so cool when we are all together again.

-Elder Papritz

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