Sunday, August 7, 2011

Amy August 7, 2011 Taiwan

Dearest jiating,
Whelp another great week has come and gone. This last p-day was epic. Between meeting Alden and moving to our new apartment we were both exhausted. This week was back in the normal swing of things. We met with Li xian min. She is the investigator that said she wanted to get baptized in two weeks. We made the plan to teach her 3 times a week. We only met with her twice last week. She did a temple tour on tuesday and really loved it. She told us that she has been thinking about it and doesn't want to get baptized on the 20. She says that she thinks it will be too fast. We told her that Heavenly Father would help her understand what we will teach her but she still thinks it will be too fast. We are still going to keep meeting with her and teach her up until she goes back to China. I hope and pray that when she comes back in 3 months that she will keep learning about the Gospel.
This week Sister Jensen and I also had the great opportunity to do temple tours. Having the temple so close is such a blessing. The spirit is so strong whenever we introduce the temple to people. Just a quick trival fact for ya'll, the asia area where our mission is goes all the way up to mongolia down to indonesia and from taiwan all the way over to Pakistan. In that large area with the worlds most populated areas there are only two temples. Hong Kong and Taipei. Luckily for us it is only 20 minutes away. We are soo blessed!!! I love the temple. I love going to the temple and feeling the Spirit so strongly. Whenever I look at the outside of the temple I can feel Heavenly Father's love so strongly. Everything we teach is to point our investigators and new members to the temple. I also think of my own family and the blessing that we have to be sealed for all eternity. It brings such sweet peace to my heart to know that no matter what as long as we are all faithful to that covenant that we will be together forever.
On Saturday our dear Liu cai xuan got baptized!! It was great!! She has such a sweet testimony of the Gospel. When we started to meet with her she didn't seem that happy. Now she is beaming! The second or third time we met with her she asked us if she could quickly get baptized! She said she will do whatever she needs to so that she can get bapitzed! I love her so much! So much faith. The great thing about her baptism is that He dixiong baptized her. I dont' know if ya'll remember but he just got bapitzed about a month before. I taught him. It was so great to see how much progress he has made. He is now a worthy Priesthood holder and being a great example to his two boys. The Gospel really does change lives like Autumn said in her e-mail.
I could write so much more. A lot happened this week. Blast that we only have an hour to e-mail. I love you all so much. The work is going so well here. Despite the bad things that are happening in the world, the Gospel continues to spread. Even though there might be the temptation to be pessimistic about the world and the future. I think we have every reason to rejoice and be optimistic. The gospel is the only thing that can save this world from its own self destruction as President Benson says in Preach My Gospel page 2. I love this work.
All my love,
Sister Amy Papritz

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