Sunday, August 28, 2011

Alden - Taiwan - August 29, 2011

Hey Fam!

so for the big event this week. we had a baptism!!!!!!!! Yay!!!. But of course my first baptism had to have some crazy thing happen.

about 30 before the baptism we went to go fill up the font. I went in and plugged up the drain and began to fill it up. all was well. my companion told me to go and check to see if the water was warm so I went and saw that it was not too warm, but wasnt too bad. but i did see that there was some stuff in the water just a few little pebbles not really anything to worry about. as we were thinking about if we should clean the little pebbles out before we filled it my companion turned off the water. we decided that we didnt need to worry about it. we began filling it up again. however there was no water coming out. yep none. no hot water or cold. none. at all. we had a baptism in 25 minutes and there was no water for the baptism. we left the pipe open so it could fill up if water decided to come out, and some did, but then it stopped. for about 40 or so minutes we sat there thinking of what we could do to fill it up. while every few minutes a little more water came out. but still not enough. finaly we decided we might have enough to baptize him if he sat in the water and then just layed down. right before we started the bishop and brother cai praticed. it would work. but before the meeting there still was not enough water for even that. however we needed to start. so we went up to the chapel to begin the meeting. remarks were said and the talks given. I think everyone was stalling. finaly we went down to baptize brother cai and guess what there was barely enough for him to lay down in the water. so it worked. we had a baptism and it was very nice.

so that was the event for the week.
 Love you all.

Elder Alden Papritz.

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