Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Alden - Taiwan - August 16, 2011

Hey Family. how is it going.

so this week has been a lot of work and a lot of trials. honestly it hasn't been that different from other weeks but the work can get fairly hard out here. I love it here in Taiwan, but it can get very discouraging very fast if you dont keep yourself up. once again, we are contacting a lot. we have a good amount of lessons each day but we are always contacting. everywhere we go we are talking to people, or at least i am trying to. It is very sad when i start talking to someone I think is interested and then they need to leave. it Sucks. but besides that I am loving it here.

Ok so just so you all know, I Will not starve her in taiwan. not only is the food very good and very cheap but we have great members who want to qing us chi. wich is to take us out to eat. or they bring us food. all of the time. there is one sister who brings us food every time we teach her husband. it is amazing. I love it. But sadly Im not so sure if all of this running and biking can make up for all of it. so maybe I will lose weight or maybe not. I dont know.
Oh next week I have a baptism, YAY. for Brother Cai, his wife is the one who brings us all of the food. they are amazing. I love them so much. Brother Cai is doing very well. he is very accepting of the teacings and really tries to understand them. He is always great to see. I am very excited to see him get baptized.

ok just a quick side note. sitting here in the internet caffe, in the background we can hear the tv or some video. and it is full of just crying. first a baby then a man then some lady. all just crying. very loud and very very very long. it is crazy I didnt know there was such a channel as the crying channel.

ok well All is well. It is great. I am loving it here.

well I love you all. gongxi gongxi to katelyn and kyle. love you all.

Elder Alden Papritz.

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