Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alden - MTC - June 28, 2011

hey family. so this week has been crazy.

This last week was the Mission president seminar. wich means that alot of the General authorities were her. Acualy all of the first presidency and 11 of the Twelve. that is so amazing. the sad news is that we didnt get to see alot of them. at a devotional we saw elders: Holland, Oaks, Ballerd, Nelson, Scott, Anderson, and Elder Bednar Spoke. it was amazing. As soon as they entered the spirit filled the room. it was thick you could feel it in the air. it was amazing to see them. Elder Bednar spoke about becomeing a Preach my Gospel Missionary. he gave us 5 points.

1. the missionry must know that he is serving and representing Jesus christ
2. must be worthy.and the other ones i cant remember. sorry. well those two were my favorite. anyways. i will need to find my notes. ok besides that. we have some knew missionaries in our zone. YAY!!
it is so great to have these missionaries here. they are so excited and ready to go. it is also nice to just see knew faces. besides that that is about it. Alot of Teaching and learning.

Sad knews today was our last day at the temple. it is closing for the rest of July. however we get to help clean it on the 19th yay.
well that is about it. only 28 more days in the MTC. almost to taiwan. so excited!! well Love you all.

Enjoy the good weather.
Your Missionary
Elder Alden Papritz
Yang Zhang lao.

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