Sunday, July 31, 2011

Alden - Banqiao, Taiwan - July 31, 2011

Hey everyone. guess what I am in TAIWAN!!

Man there are miracles here in Taiwan. really there are. so much has happened since I arrived I don't know where to start.

ok well last Tuesday at 2 in the morning we woke up at the MTC for the last time. we loaded our things on the bus and left the MTC. that was about it for the MTC. ok. so I really do not know where to start.

ok. so some not so great experiences. when we where on the bus headed to the airport, I was looking at my passport and my visa. and guess what. according to my visa I am about 90 years old. the year on my birthday was wrong, it said 1922 instead of 1992. so that was a great way to start out my day. I was so scared that they would deny my visa. but of course I was so tired that i couldn't worry about it too much. after that the flights were nice. they were long but I slept most of the time.

ok so skipping to Taiwan. so when i arrived. they did not accept my visa, at that time. they told me to go get it fixed at the visa office. it didnt take long. so i did make it here.

the weather here is nice. i dont think it is that hot. but it is humid. I am sweating so much.

......there is so much to say i dont know what to do!!!!!!

ok so the first night we headed to the mission home. I got some rest. In the morning we ran to the freedom memorial/plaza. It is so beautiful, I LOVE IT!! ok then we had some amazing breakfast. then headed back to the mission home to start orientation.

I was the first to get ready and head up to the office. When i got there I met sister Calvert, Elder Calverts wife, he is the mission nurse. when she saw me she was so happy. they have been waiting for me for a while. Every one, tells me how excited they are that i am here and how amazing Amy is. even some members in the ward know her and are so happy that i get to see her.

so now onto my trainer. My trainer is Elder Adam. He is really cool. He is from California, Fullerton. we are getting along really well. he is the oldest in his family and the fist to go on a mission. he likes music, and he likeS to joke. a lot. he is really cool.

the second day in my area which is: Banqiao. we went to an old folks home for a ward service activity. I got to massage some nice old Lady's shoulders as they all clapped along to some music. I met the bishop and some other ward members. then we went to dinner with the bishop. he is really nice. everyone here is very nice. they all are very helpful.

ok well there really is so much i could say. I will maybe tell you later. but that is about it for now. the food is AMAZING and the people are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT HERE!!!

I am so happy to be here. during sacrament meeting, I could not stop smiling. i just had this huge smile on my face that I could not get rid of. I love the work here in Taiwan.

I love talking to every one on the street and attempting to invite them to come unto Christ.
I love it here and I love you all.
I will tell you more later. don't worry that is the bulk of it all.

Love you all.

Elder Alden Papritz.

Yang Zhang lao.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Alden - MTC - July 17, 2011

Hey Family and Friends.

Ok so this week has been a little more exciting.

this last friday we had our in-field orintation, this was all about finding, planning, baptizing, and working with the members. it was so crazy. I am so pumped to get out into the field, but of course i am so scared. I cant believe i leave in only 7 days. one of the main things that i learned was that you cant be afraid to talk to everyone, that is one of the only way that we will get investigators.

Also this last thursday we got our travel plans. we are flying from saltlake at 7:30 am to detroit, then from detroit to Taiwan. 23 hours of travel. it is going to be such a long day. but i cant wait to get there.

So I have hit the wall here at the MTC. I want to get out. I love it here and i am still learning a lot, but honestly I am getting sick of doing the same things every day. i feel like it's ground hogs day. i want to get to Taiwan!!!! well almost out of here.

well i cant think of anything else the MTC is still very nice. im ready to go.

Love you all. next time i email will be in TAIWAN!!!!.
Elder Alden Papritz.

Yang Zhang lao.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Alden - MTC - July 5, 2011

Hey Family

So this week has been great. mainly because it was the Fourth of July!!!! YAY!!! Well we had a great celebration this week. First on Saturday morning there was a hot air balloon launch, you could see it fairly well from the MTC. It brings back so many memories of going to the balloon launch in Albany. then that night we had an amazing fireside celebration for the Holiday. The focus was mainly on all of the blessings that have come from the bringing forth of this country. Mainly the restoration of the gospel. The spirit is so strong here. I know i have been blessed to live in this country where we have this great privilege to worship our God.

Afterword we got to see the fireworks at BYU. we had to stay in the MTC but it was still great.

Then on Sunday we had a great fireside. Sister Jenny Oaks Baker came and performed for us. She is the daughter of Elder Oaks, and an AMAZING violinist. She went to Juliard to study music and she performs with many symphonies. She was just amazing. The spirit was great, and the music was phenomenal. she also had her three daughters play, they were no older then 9. They were also great. They played I am a child of God. Very cute.

Well as for the rest of the week. we learned a lot and taught. we finally committed one of our investigators to be baptized. He said that he would. We cant believe it took us a whole month. Good thing we are still in the MTC.

Well Thats about it. A lot of reminders of my family. Love you All. Have a great week.

Elder Alden Papritz.

Yang zhanglao

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Autumn- Pest, Hungary - July 2, 2011

Hello my dear family and friends!!!

Well this might be a short one cause I feel like I just barely wrote you all.

Well LÁSZLÓ got baptized!! woo hoo!!! It was a mad dash to the finish line..and we were shopping for baptismal clothes up until the last day. (buying white underwear and white undershirt for a man was a little weird)... we werent sure if he had anyway so we just got some JUST incase. but Sister Roderick saved the day and had two EXTRA LARGE suits that were PERFECT for our László, so she brought them from Duna and everything went awesome.

EXCEPT! (theres always a hitch with a baptism, something HAS to go wrong... like in my brothers letter last week. they ended up doing his baptism in Michigan lake. Luckily we didnt have to move it to the Danube). Well mine was that we started filling the font at 915 am..and it was filling just fine and baptism is at 11. I go to check on it at 955 and it was still pretty low in the font. I thought " hmm... thats weird, must fill slow." but I KNEW that i started it on time. Well I go back to check it at 1015... 45 MINUTES before the baptism..and its STILL at the same level. then I KNEW something was wrong. It wasnt filling. but there wasnt a hole in the font. so I looked and realized... uh.....i left the drain WIDE OPEN... haha. so as the font was filling, it was also EMPTYING. uh... DUH... whoops. so I plugged the drain and then just prayed that it would fill on time. and then BOOM at 1125 when he walked into the font, it was full and piping hot and perfect.

the baptism was awesome. just he was so prepared and the spirit was strong. and it was AWESOME!! Funny thing was he always teases me that I dont talk alot.. well cause I dont, I dont know a lot of hungarian, but I atleast always try to be funny. But he always just looks at me and says in his low gruffly voice "PAPRITZ..." and Im always like " yes thats my name? what?! WHAT?! ... what do you want to say?" he just laughs and says " Papritz sister...youre an angel". haha... i think its really entertaining to him that Im always begging him to speak whats on his mind when he just walks up to me and says " PAPRITZ" with his hungarian accent. Its so funny. "papritz youre an angel" or "papritz...your hair looks good today" or " look like.... laura bush..bahaha".. thats his celebrity look a like for me. My companion got Penelope Cruize and Salma Hayek and I got... uh laura bush. I told him I prefer Sandra Bullock...but whatever. I love him. I felt really guided to Him and it just is so special to be apart of his life. Missionary work is THE BEST!!!

well I included the pictures in a seperate email for your viewing pleasure.

I love this work. I love these people and I love my family and my friends and life is just so so so good.


sister p