Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Autumn- Pest, Hungary - June 28, 2011


So I get asked a lot.. what do I do as the mission nurse? hmm.... wellll.... to be honest. not a lot. Im really just a normal missionary, teaching, preaching and knocking doors, but I am a resource for the Mission President's wife, So I get calls from Elders with medical questions just during my normal days.SOOO.... that means that I get calls from 19 year old boys, far away from their mommies.... so the calls have gone a little something like this:

1. "uh sister Papritz, is it a problem if my eyeballs are REALLY REALLY COLD" (asking in the dead of summer) "Elder, why are your eyeballs cold? what did you do to them?" " uh.. well theyre just cold" " Elder, you did something....what did you do?" " well, you see I got sunburned really really bad on my face today cause we were outside all day and then I have had cold corn on my face for like 2 hours... and now my eyeballs are really really really cold!" " Are you having vision problems?" " No theyre just cold..." ".. ok well, they will warm back up, stop touching your cold eyeballs and wear sunscreen next time"

2. "Sister Papritz, I am having kidney problems" "Oh really how do you know?" " well I am having a lot of pain in my kidney region?" " oh yea.... where's that?" "Im having alot of pain in my hips like where my kidneys would be..." "Elder, Your kidneys are not in your hips..." " uh.. theyre not? are you sure?" "100%... im a nurse" " oh ... well then maybe I just ate some bad food....ok... bye"

3. "Sister Papritz, Ive been having some really bad chest pain." " Elder, well have you had this before? any previous heart problems... (Etc etc .. assessed for a little bit)" " Well, no previous, problems, except I got this pain before like a few times" " Is it preceeded by something?" "uh.. what does that mean?" "Did you do something different that you dont normally do before the pain started, like eat a REALLY big meal?" " yea actually I had a HUGE LUNCH... like the biggest lunch ever. AND i was also like bending over, kind of like standing on my head and that kind of made it hurt a lot" " Ok... Elder....dont eat big meals like that. It will stop, its just heart burn. and also, stop standing on your head."

You know things like that.... a little different than my Trauma days (which I miss A LOT... and I dream about big juicy traumas a lot) but still entertaining and a little break in the typical missionary day. So no Im not out here doing field examinations, setting up health stations in the middle of Budapest.. just answering phonecalls from Elders. But I dont mind, my nursing skills will all come back when Im home. I love what Im doing so much here.

This Week we have been CRAZILY getting ready for Lászlós baptism since HE bumped his baptism date up a month, and so that left us 2 weeks to plan/teach/organize EVERYTHING!!! So we spent a lot of this week meeting with him basically everyday so that we can teach Him everything. I love it though, because he starts off every lesson telling us what he read, all the cross references, all the indepth doctrine...etc etc. I have always wondered how he studies so well, how he can remember SOOOO much. We found out last night that he was actually a LAWYER in Romania before he came to Hungary, he had a college degree (super rare). He loves to study and learn and worked as a lawyer for a big company had "the life." But he loved money so much that he started stealing from the company and counterfitting money.. etc etc. He went to jail for 2 years for all of that, lost His license, his wife devoriced Him, he started drinking and smoking.....etc etc. But he told us, now he's Poor and he's just a "working man" and he knows the Lord prepared Him to meet us. OUR MIRACLE MAN!!! So this Saturday is THE BIG DAY, I am excited for it alot. Pray we get everything together. Its going to be nuts until then.

Other awesome events this week:
1. we had to find a new place to live cause our land lady went NUTS on us and has been coming into our apartment when we are gone. So we found a new place ACROSS THE STREET from the branch house, which means coming to our programs will only take like 0.2 seconds to get here instead of the 45 MINUTE commute we have been making on bus, metro, walking etc. and the best part....the apartment has a BIDET!!! ...i dont even know how that works (or really what its for..seems a little unnecessary), but its fancy.

2. Sister Roderick and I wrote a song together last transfer. Its called "you are special" (based off that book about the wooden man and the dots) (she wrote the lyrics and I kind of threw together a piano part) and the song made its world DEBUT in Her zone conference this week. It was really cool, I've never written a song before... much less PERFORMED a song Ive co-written. So it was a really fun experience.

3. I had my first experience with Hungarian birthday candles. Uh... theyre CRAZY. We were at a members house and she pulled out this one candle and an Elder held it while I lit the candle. Everyone was saying, you might want to move your hand.. i thought that was weird, why would I need to move my hand. Then I lit it and all the sudden a THREE FOOT flame BURST out of the candle (well REALLY a firework)...we put it on the cake and this firework candle just spewed and spewed. It was crazy and it was indoors and i was TOTALLY not expecting a three foot firework flame to come shooting out. and I thought the house was going to burn down. Hungarians are so crazy. firework birthday candles. jaj.

Welp thats about it for the week. Lots of great amazing things going on here in Pest. This really is a land of miracles. I love it. I love the mission and I loved something I read today in my studies (talking about a really hard hike)

" The final exertion is more than worth the effort because once the climber is on top, the views are breathtaking. The only way to see the views is to make the climb."

Im so grateful for the climb Im making, the climb my siblings are making and the sacrifice my parents are making in all 4 of us being gone at once. But... I know the view will be breathtaking in the end and we can look back at all we've done, but first we make the climb.

I love you all!!!!!

Remember: im writing on SATURDAY this week.

Sok Sok Szeretettel,
Papritz Nővér

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