Monday, May 9, 2011

Autumn- Budapest Hungary May 9, 2011

Jo Napot mindenkinek!!!!

So this week was another wonderful week in the land of milk and honey...Pest!!! Sister Roderick and I have so much stinking fun.... oh and we happen to do a lot of missionary work on the side. actually not on the side, thats the main thing we do.. the fun is on the side. haha. my priorities are straight I promise.

It was WONDERFUL to talk to my family. -sigh- so wonderful. My favorite part was the wonderful rendition of "doe a dear a female dear" duet that my little sisters did from the sound of music. made my heart melt. Love my family so much. but I also LOVE the work I am doing here. Its is so worth it. Im sacrificing my family and my job which I love for a year and a half so that I can bring other people ETERNAL families and ETERNAL happiness. a year and a half is nothing compared to that.

So I liked the numbered list of events so here we go, top events of Paprikas Nővér's week:

1. Had my most AWKWARD streeting experience of my life. I approached this lady on the street walking her dog and had the book of mormon in my hand. I was confident. i was ready. i had a little something something i was going to say. I approached her and said "papritz nővér vagyok. Hálotál erról a könvyeről?".....simply "Im sister papritz have you heard about this book?"... she started RATTLING off Hungarian..I knew it wasnt going good, I started sweating, my eyes got all shifty, I had an awkward smile on my face...I still had no clue what she was saying. So all I said was " hát jo" or "well ...good"...and then stood there Awkwardly staring at her...and then just walked away. bahah... Sister Roderick bust up laughing and translated for me what the lady had said " I have heard of that book and frankly Im not interested, Im not interested at all!!!!!!" and all I said back to her enthusiastically was " well GOOD!"...and walked away. bahah. not good. not good at all. The awkwardness was OOOOOOZING... oh man. just POURING out of me. haha. Good thing all of this awkwardness makes for AWESOME stories.

2. Our miracle LAW OF CHASTITY investigator, Imre, is still on fire. Its so great. He basically teches us every lesson. and this week after we taught him about the restoration. He just looked at us and said "well This all just makes sense"....WELL PERFECT! We hoped youd say that. and he again reemphasized how much he loves chastity. haha.. well awkward for letting us know, but awesome that you love it.

3. We did yoga this week with an investigator. We are trying to do some creative activities with our investigators. So sister Roderick was the yoga instructor, i was the entertainment, and our investigator got to watch the hilariousness of my inflexibility and Sister Rodericks profiness... oh and our investigator participated too. She kept saying "i dont like this sport!"...haha...we were little nazi instructors "TOO BAD YOU WILL DO DOWNWARD DOG!"... haha. it was fun though. good investigator bonding time.

4. We had stake conference this weekend. and well the entire country is the stake so members from ALL OVER the country were there and the stake center was PACKED. It was great sitting in the chapel and looking all the way back and just seeing it full of Hungarians. We'll get a temple here before we know it!

Well those are the highlights... not a super over the top week. Just normal and full of FUN and SPIRIT and awesomeness. The gospel is true. Im so grateful to be here and preaching the word and trying to speak this crazy language..and sometimes succeeding. It is so worth it though.

-Your little Hungarian

Cultural Tip of the week: Hungarians are always betég! They are always sick! and their kids are always sick. Like we will call an investigator and they say " well Marcell caughed today, Im pretty sure he is sick now" "oh really? like really sick?" " oh.. no.. just one cough...but I know hes sick now".. so all it takes is one cough and theyre kid has CROUP! ...haha. or it just has to have like ONE RAINDROP fall and the moms are all staying inside. Theyre kids WILL NOT catch the cold that will kill them .cause FOR SURE they will die. apparently. and in the middle of one lesson an investigators kid had a runny nose, so she Ran to the vacuum and stuck on this attachment and SHOVED it up her kids nose! and started just SUCKING the snot out of it. im talking TRAUMATIZING getting a VACUUM hose shoved up your nose. Its called an Orszivo Porszivo. or a nose vacuum apparently. it was traumatizing for me...and I wasnt even the ones getting my brains sucked out.

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