Monday, June 6, 2011

Autumn- Budapest Hungary June 6, 2011


Well this week was crazy. ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! Every week really seems to be, and I know I say it all the time but life is so full of surprises. We got transfer calls this morning...and...well....the Rodritz duo has come to an end. She is being ripped from my arms, tears and all...but its awesome cause she is opening up a new area Dunaújváros!! She is starting a new area with a mini-missionary (we think) So her and a native Hungarian are opening the area...but its perfect cause that means (well we are REALLY pushing/praying for it) that we will be reunited next transfer and I can KILL HER!! (mission term for sending someone home, since its her last transfer) So we are really hoping this is only a temporary separation.

But the goodnews is I am staying in Pest and getting Sister Jordan, which is EXACTLY who I was hoping to get. She is tahitian (well her parents are, but she lived in Utah) and shes really cool and sweet and fun. Ive only spent a couple minutes with her before, but Ive heard rave reviews about her. So it is a perfect situation, especially If Roderick and I will be reunited next transfer. So Roderick is going to prepare our Summer Home in Dunaújváros and I am going to be on my Tahition vacation in Pest.

So Roderick gets ripped from me on wednesday so the next couple of days are going to be insane with her getting everything ready and saying goodbye to all the members. She has been here 10 months, so these people are attached and love her so much. But I know that me and Jordan Nővér will win their hearts back and wipe their tears away.

So this week our Hell's Angel/Construction worker man IS ON BAPTISM DATE!! We asked him when he wanted to be baptized and he said "tomorrow" haha... well thats a little soon. So we said August 6th, that was waay too late for him. So we settled on July 30th. His name is Lázslo and he reminds me a lot of my grandpa, just sassy and big tough guy that wears overalls all the time. So Im so happy to see Him loving the gospel. and also we are working on a little romantic connection with Him and another convert in the ward. We conveniently introduced them in the last lesson with him, and sparks were flying. So we're hoping to get a love connection going. We offer so much as missionaries, eternal salvation AND AN ETERNAL COMPANION! Its a TWO FOR ONE!

Our biggest event this week was quite dramatic. This man was referred to us from the office elders, and he dogged us on 2 different we were sure he wasnt going to show for this 3rd. To our surprise he shows up, and we all sit down and he starts pulling out all of these legal documents (mind you I can understand maybe 25% of whats going on...very little) He told us his wife had died 6 years ago, and his son died last January and these documents were his will. He was willing everything he owned to the church. Which was weird, he was a younger guy, maybe 50s..not like dying anytime soon. So the conversation starts to get heated (mind you I can only tell from their body language) He is pulling out document after document showing them to us. Then he is getting really heated and I look over at Barbye (our awesome new member who was teaching with us) and she starts just crying. and sister Roderick starts crying, but not like feel the spirit crying, like panicked crying. I was so confused. Then sister Roderick keeps saying "listen that is a big decision, there is another answer! There is another way! We can talk to the Bishop!" She was pleading with him. and I had no clue what was going on, but I just had the feeling that this man was suicidal and he was going to kill himself. So I can see Barbye and Roderick just begging him to think this through. Then I immediately start going into Trauma nurse mode, thinking of all the worse case scenarios. We've got a crazy man here whose family has died, he has no job, he has no money, and he's suicidal. I am worried that hes going to get impulsive and pull out a weapon...and then I flashed back to the Bishop in california that got shot because a crazy person came into his office. So needless to say, I was a tiny bit panicked. He was really mad and so I had no clue what was going to happen. I got out my camera and started to film him underneath the table so I could see if he had a weapon on his waste, and I started thinking like I could use my pen as a defense, and throw my bible at him to startle him. oh man. my mind was just thinking of all these crazy options. mean while Roderick is in full on negotion mode, just begging him to calm down and not be impulsive. I am praying my GUTS OUT the whole time. Then Barbye pulls her fancy ring off her finger and gives it to Him to sell. She was insistant for Him to sell it so he could get money for diabetic medicine he needed. He wouldnt accept it, and then finally Roderick said "Look at the picture of Christ on the wall" he said " yeah Ive been looking at that for the last 30 minutes".. then like out of nowhere, he just calms down. stops arguing and insisting he needs to die and just says "maybe I need to come to church, maybe I need to be apart of a group that can help me because I just feel alone. A group would make me feel so much better"...then he said " I would really love to get one of your bibles". We gave him a book of mormon and shared a few scriptures. I put down all my weapons..haha. and He finally said he was not going to kill himself, he was going to see if this church could help him instead.

PHEW!! dang. It was intense. Roderick translated for me later that he was saying that this meeting with us was he final act in life and he was going to leave and jump infront of a train after this. No wonder they were so panicked, good thing I was oblivious and in protection mode. I had an escape plan ready, weapons in hand... I was going to save us no matter what. Good thing the spirit protected us instead and softened his heart. Wow it was INTENSE!!!

That is the kind of craziness that goes on here. Life is CRAZY I TELL YA!! and awesome.

Well I will send an email with pictures too. LOVE YOU ALL!! HAVE AN AWESOME WEEK!! Wish me luck with all of the transfer changes.

Sister Papritz

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  1. Thanks for the post; I'm a friend of Roderick Nővér, and a former magyar missionary. I get news forwarded from her mother and from her letters, but it's nice to have seen this almost in real time.