Monday, June 20, 2011

Autumn- Budapest Hungary June 20, 2011


Well let me first say: for any Hungarian speakers that happen to read this.....uh yea, I know the word I used as my word of the day last week isnt real. I didnt realize that before I sent the email, but when I tried to spell it, the computer auto corrected it to esőnő..and I saw it and thought, hmmm..that doesnt seem right...but it must be. then I deducted my own meaning "rain woman"... then sent it and quickly left the computer lab, and realized... uh that is not the word at all. esernyő...check. got it. bingo. dont worry, im learning the language. just got confused. confused, thats all. im blaming the computer

So yet again....awesomeness. just pure awesomeness in Pest. Things are so great here. I really feel super undeserving of all the success and miracles we see here. We got dropped twice this week by people not wanting to meet with us anymore, but it was made up with people that just blow my mind with their preparation.

1. So our Motorcycle man/construction worker (he doesnt have a motorcycle, he cant even afford internet, but LOOKS like he would ride one)... well his name is Lászlo. He is the one that read the Book of Mormon twice, completely...all the way through... in just 3 weeks. Well we met with Him two days ago. We spent the first HOUR of the lesson, hearing HIS LESSON that he prepared for us about baptism. He used atleast 30 scriptures to teach us, each cross referenced between the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Then I asked him "so are you ready for your baptism on July 30th?" he said " getting baptized JUNE 30TH!".... " uh no.... we talked about JULY 30TH" ... "Well I told Sister Roderick June 30th and Im not waiting" ( yea He DEFINITELY never told her that) Then he showed me this scipture on like, If you know its true dont hesitate. So he said, "Why would I wait If i know its true. Why are you wanting me to wait?" Then he basically made me feel like I WAS the bad guy in trying to get Him to wait for his baptism (which actually was just stick to the ORIGINAL date). haha....sooo... Yea. We have a baptism in like 2 weeks, but the thing is we werent planning on it that soon, he still has A LOT OF LESSONS (we just barely taught Plan of Salvation...YEA... but to be honest, we have only meet with him 3 times total).. but he is so Solid. He is so excited.

I dont know if I told the story of how we found Him. That morning Roderick and I had prayed/joked that today we were going to find the first Temple President of Hungary that day and then 10 minutes later after we started tabling, we found Lászlo. He didnt have a phone, so we couldnt get His number. But he promised he would be at church, and he was, in his dirty overalls and huge grin on his face when he walked in. Then he dropped off the face of the earth for 3 weeks! Then one day we were walking through this Metro square, and I saw him out of the corner of my eye, yelled at Roderick that it was that Lászlo.. I had found our prodigal son! where had he gone for three weeks?.. oh dont worry, just to Germany to go to the temple and meet with the missionaries. no big deal. Well weve been meeting with Him ever sense, hes reading the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time now, and hes getting baptized in less than a month after our first REAL lesson with him.

People always said you'll never see someones conversion from start to Finish, you'll never see someone get found AND THEN baptized within a single transfer. But BOOM.... here is Lászlo. One of our miracle children. Oh and also he told us when he sits around and waits to find work he just reads the Book of Mormon to people. awesome.

2. Did some more Tai Chi this morning with our Tai Chi master Béla. Um.. it was awesome but Im AWFUL at it. All we did was take side steps across a big field in slow motion... for a really long time. and apparently my form was awful. Didnt know walking across a uh.. like, slow motion or tai chi motion.. or whatever it was.. could be something I could so thoroughly mess up. Good thing the embarassment is worth it, our investigator loves it when we go. Tai Chi is just literally waving your hands and legs around in slow motion, anyone can do it. do it at home. just move around in slow motion, its the same thing.

3. So craziest event of the week. Sister Jordan and I were walking to the bus stop at Keleti, the big station near our house, and were walking up to the front of the station and we notice a crowd gathered all looking at one person. We glance over and see there is a BUCK NAKED woman in the middle of Keleti. BUCK NAKED... like this girl just standing there, there were cameras filming and she had a camera in her mouth (im assuming to catch peoples reactions or something) and she was as naked as the day she was born. WELCOME TO EUROPE! I just kept thinking like, Im pretty sure this is illegal. But then, well, must not be cause the cops decided to just stand and watch instead of do something about it. good ol Budapest.

Well thats about it. Good week, minus the naked lady. Love the letters I get from people, and so proud of my siblings and all the awesomeness they do. So happy to be apart of the Papritz Army right now.

The 5 Star General of the Army (Sister Papritz).. obviously, Im the oldest.

Cultural Tip: I was told last week that Children are given 2 birthday cakes on their birthday. One to COMPLETELY destroy and the other for the family to eat. good idea.

Word of the Day: Not trying this again, for fear of embarassment for putting a made up word and an incorrect meaning.

Food finomság: Fast food restaurants, like in a mall food court, have all their food sitting out, and then they just microwave it when you want to order it. So today Sister Jordan and I thought we were getting good like beef and rice asianness.... but oh, no... the meat smelled like .. uh... well....poop. dont know how that happened. but dont eat from microwave places.

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