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Autumn- Budapest Hungary June 13, 2011

Hello Everyone!!

Well Sister Roderick and I said our goodbyes and ended our amazing awesome wonderful time together..and I received my new companion. The fantastic SISTER JORDAN!! Awesome things about her: She was born in Tahiti (lives in Arizona now..well not now, but before the mish).. she is a professional Tahitian dancer. She can move her hips like nobodys business. She is going to teach me how to move mine this transfer...will be probably our biggest feat, because my hips dont move at all. Like I think those joints somehow were fused at birth. But she garuntees me success. sooo.. that will be awesome.

Also she taught me how to wip.... the big thing in this mission is buying authentic leather bull wips from the countryside and then learning how to do awesome wip stuff. She served out in the country So she can wip crazy good yesterday for Pday we went to a park and she taught me how to wip. Not to brag, but I cracked the wip on my first try. Big hearty crack. yea... Im learning good skills for my future child rearing and marriage. Hip shaking and wip cracking. My goal is to learn how to double crack and wip with TWO wips... its going to be awesome.

So this week Sister Jordan and I have been settling into the groove of a new companionship. She is so layed back, and I am too.. so Its been pretty effortless. This is gonna work good. We had a lot of success this week, and it was so good to see the members accepting her. She had big big shoes to fill with Sister Roderick leaving, since she had been here 10 months, but we have been paving our own path into their hearts. We could never replace sister Roderick but we are for sure building our own relationships. Its been a greet week of just establishing relationships and its fun for me to get to know these people even better. They are so wonderful, I am falling in love with them more and more. (helps that Im speaking the language a little better too, or atleast understanding better)

The best part about this week was that we met with our Miracle girl, No-Tag Viola. Remember how Sister Roderick and I lost our tags on the same day, then met this really amazing girl named Viola (who was a missionary for another church).. like shes practically american..super cute and awesome and rendes. Well we thought the story was over a few weeks ago when we called her, and this random person answered and said this number wasnt hers. We were sooo bummmed..cause it was a miracle that we met her. So we thought, oh well.. we just wont tell anyone thats what happened... pretend like it ended good. haha. So this week I was texting people telling them about a dance program and I decided to just randomly text her number.. maybe whoevers phone it was would want to come. WELL.... surprise THE Viola texts back and says " I was just thinking about you all last night, weird that you texted me today. Could we possibly meet on Sunday?"... THE STORY WASNT OVER! So Sister Jordan and I met with her (and her friend) on sunday, and it was just an awesome lesson. So great. She was so curious and she has such a strong religious background, I was really worried she would think this was all just a joke and turn us down.. but she got it. She got it all. She asked amazing questions, and just had this like Thirst to know more. Who knows where its going to go... BUT THE STORY WASNT OVER!!!

Another awesome thing this week. The BYU Folk Dance team was touring the country this week. So they did a performance at our Branch House and then we got to go to one of their big performances on our Pday yesterday. It was AWESOME. a little slice of america right here in Hungary.And the Hungarians fell in love with them. Our investigator that was with us, she was so happy she started crying in the middle of their performance. Didnt know that country dance was such an emotional thing but she said "this just makes me so happy!". It was also fun to talk to americans. It was just a really fun time with them.

Well thats about it! Things are still Rocking in Pest. Loving life and living it up.

Sister P

Cultural Tip: If you sneeze while someone is talking it means whatever they just said was True. So I have sneezed a few times in programs and the people are like " OH THATS TRUE!"... Im going to work on timing my sneezes better to correspond with the First Vision.

Food Tip: The most amazing thing here is called Túró. It is like, hmm... cream cheese and heaven mixed together. We eat it in crepes, in chocolate, I would have it on everything. Soooo goood.

Word: Learned today that an Umbrella is called an esőnő... which I think means rain woman. if you literally translate it.

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