Monday, May 9, 2011

Austin - Kenosha Wisconsin - May 9, 2011

Hey Family,
It was nice to see and talk to the family on Sunday. We got to go to a member's home la familia Cruz and use their computer to Skype. Brother Cruz is this hilariousbig-gut Mexican. We were playing soccer on Saturday and he was telling that he didn't use to always be this big. He use to be a "flacito" or little skinny guy until he married his wife. And then he was describing that whole thing and how he didn't like the ditzy giggly girls in Mexican and then he met his wife and thought, "Wow, shes is so serious, that kind of interestin." Notice that he told the whole story in Spanish and then he expressed his "mind thoughts" in broken English and so it was funny. I help a lot of the members here with their English and they appreciate it so much. It's nice to start being really comfortable with Spanish where I can feel like I can sacrifice some of my time to help them learn English where otherwise I would have rather spoken in Spanish so that I could learn. They truly get excited that I correct them, I've heard it three times now where the Hermano will tell their wife, "I'm going to learn a lot of English with this Elder." And they'll throw up there arms in excitement. It's pretty cool.
This week we found 3 new people that are excited to learn about the Gospel. All three of them were found kind of on accident too. We were trying to contact another person but they weren't at home so we knocked the door for the first floor and we found Rafael and his wife Rut who are a darling young family. It was cool that when I introduced the Book of Mormon to him he asked me to pick a part for him so that he could start reading. Then we got a referal from a member and we knocked on the door and we met this way interested guy who knew the church a bit back in Mexico. He really wants to be a missionary and admires what we do a lot. But then we found out that doesn't even live in that house and that he was just visiting his sister who lived there. Pretty cool.
Last Sunday the young men's leader had us join them for the third hour of church for an activity he was going to do with the boys. It was way cool. He had the blindfolded and then had them stand on a wood board. He told them that the missionaries (us) were going to lift the board above our heads (at which point their like, WHHAT?) And he puts their hand on his shoulder for balance but really what he does is when he says 3-2-1 we just lift the board like 5 inches and the young mens' leader just lowers his body until he is kneeling on the floor and it somehow gives the person on the board the feeling of being lifted up really far but really they are just like 5 inches from the ground. They then have to excersize "faith" to take a step down (Which they think is like 6 feet down) some of them had interesting reactions and it was all kind of funny to watch. Some of them tried to jump of the board thinking they were jumping 6 feet. The young mens' leader brought the men in one at a time too so that it wouldn't give away the trick. It was a pretty cool lesson to be apart of.
We went to the birthday of an investigator's daughter on Cinco de Mayo, she was born on 5/5/05 which I thought was pretty cool. We had Guatemalen style tamales and we met a lot of her friends. There was a pinata afterwoods too and they gave me the honor of breaking it (after everyone went and had a go at it). Then after that we went to a Cinco de Mayo party that was put on by the city Spanish Center here in Kenosha. It was done in the lobby of a lake front hotel and it was way cool. There was tons of food (which normally costs 30 bucks to get in but because we volunteer for the Spanish Center teaching English we got in for free). There was live Spanish music and dance groups. It was a cool experience. But I didn't get any pictures because my camera's lense is broken. It broke 2 days after I had FORMATTED ALL OF THE TWO HUNDRED PHOTOS AND 30 MINUTES WORTH OF VIDEO I HAD ON MY CAMERA. 9 months of my mission. Gone. Disappeared. I almost wanted to cry. I accidentally pressed okay instead of cancel and it just deleted everything. So I haven't had much technology luck this week.
Oooother than that. I'm doing decently well. Crohn's is being a punk but it's not getting me down. Nuttin is.
Much love,
Elder Papritz

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