Sunday, June 19, 2011

Austin - Kenosha Wisconsin - June 13, 2011

My Beloved Family,
So I'm a day late on my email because we had a pretty crazy pday. The other Elders took the car to go do service (which they said would take 1 hour but it took FIVE hours, they said the garage was just CHUCK full of stuff) then when they came back we were going to go together to email and I had the keys to the car but then they remembered they had an appointment so we had to bike to the library and then we get a call when we are almost to the library because I had left with the keys accidentally. So we had to bike another 15 minutes back and then by that time it was just too late.
This week is going to be very rad. There are five general authorities coming to speak to all the missionaries. We are encouraged to pray, fast and study on the recent talks of them so that we can be completely ready. Elder Cook is going to be the presiding apostle. Also, we have a small 16 person choir that I'm in so that'll be cool too because it guarantees we get to be seated in the first 3 rows.
I don't know if you remember Silvia and her daughers Aimee and Brianna and how Silvia told us at first that she was never going to speak to missionaries again but then started to open up to us after I kind of showed my family photos. Well we have been working with her and doing service for her and helping her find work and the other day they invited us over to give us thanks for everything we've done by feeding us delicious Guatemanteca Enchiladas. We told them we have no other way to thank them than by teaching them from the scriptures (note that in her frustration with life here in America, Silvia has pretty much denounced God and has done so in front of her daughter). She has had a hard life with much abuse from many different people in her life. But Silvia and her 16 daughter Aimee were both in tears when we promised them a way out of the hole they are in. It felt so good when she told me, This is really what I've been waiting for. I'm ready to take out the trash and get on with my life.
We have a baptism next Saturday! It's so cool, Lorenza is such a cool lady and I'm very very happy to see her joining her son. In fact, the other day we went to the gym with her son and worked out at 4:30 in the morning. Now that's dedication. I get along with all of the young men in this branch, they are all so cool and talented and invested in life. I love getting involved in their interests, it has made for really good friendships.
The branch is getting ready for Girls' Camp here and we helped the branch in doing a desert auction and chili cookoff. At first the branch president's wife asked the English elders to make a desert and for us to make a chili. I thought back to going to a dinner appointment in Milwaukee with the branch president's family and they made this INCREDIBLE sweet chili so I called them up and got the recipe and it was super easy. I made it and gave it the name, "wasn't aware that any other chili's were invited." And every loved it and voted for my but it lost by ONE point and I'm convinced the lady that won only won because her kids sat at the voting box and put in a bunch of votes for her. But their family needed the $25 gift card to Pick N Save more than I did sooo it's all good. Then the English elders were going to make these incredibly good home made cinnamin rolls but somehow messed up on the amount of yeast or something and after 3 hours they just decided to run to Kmart and make these mud pie cookie sandwhiches. They ended up selling for 25 bucks which was one of the most expensive items because these two guys got in a pride war and just wanted to see who would pay more for them haha. But those cinnamon rolls would have gone for like 40 bucks for sure.
Mucho amor,
Elder Papritz

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