Monday, June 13, 2011

Alden MTC June 7, 2010

Nimen hao!
as always the MTC is a lot of work. we are still teaching our two progressing investigators. its great. the spirit is so strong when we teach. we are having trouble with then since they dont have any religious background but we are slowly helping them develope that faith to pray and know God is there. besides that it is going well.
This past week i memorized the Missionary Purpose and Joseph Smiths first Vision both in Chinese. it is great, i cant wait to teach the restoration soon. also we are starting to SYL (speak your language) tomorow we are planning on SLYing 100% that is going to be hard but i love speaking chinese so much i cant wait.
Also this last friday at our TRC Elder Montalto and I gave a short lesson on the Book of Mormon to a very nice sister. she just got back from her mission in Taiwan. the spirit was so strong as we talked about the Book of Mormon and what it containts. as we were stubbleing around with the language the spirit was so strong. i asked her to share her testimony of the Book of Mormon, and man was it powerful. it was a simple testimony, but the spirit testified so much. i started to tear up a little bit.
This week Elder Montalto and I started bearing our testimony to missionaries that we find sitting around outside. it has been so great to bear my testimony, but even better to hear Elder Montalto give his testimony. he has learned so much. we had a great expirience as we bore our testimonies to a senior companion. as we were giving our simple testimonies the sister started crying. i could tell that even though our testimonies were simple. she was very touched. she told us afterward that they had just arived that day and were going to italy. she was worried about learing italian since they would only be there for 8 days. she was very touched and comforted by the spirit.
finaly this last sunday was mission conference and fast sunday. during the conference the spirit was extremly strong. there were great talkes on faith. one thing I learned is that faith is not only beliving that God will help you or even knowing he can help you. but knowing that he WILL help you. just like the brother of Jared who knew that if the lord could touch the stones they would light up or the women who knew that if she touched the robe of Christ she would be healed. they did not just hope, or just belive that i could possibly happen. they knew it would. they knew that by the grace and power of God they would recieve these mericals. as i think on that i am trying more to really trust in God and truly belive he will bless me and help me.
Well that is about it. the spirit is strong. i am doing very well. the food is great. i have been trying to cut back a little. im sleeping well and studying hard.
I love you all.
Elder Alden Papritz
Qiu Zhanglao

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