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Alden MTC June 14, 2010

So this week in the MTC was very emotional. the older generation of Mandarin Missionaries are gone and now we are the "oldest". it was very sad to see them go. even though we only knew them for 6 weeks, and barely see them through out the day we will all miss them. most of the older generation are going to Taizhang so we wont see them, very sad.
well as for the rest of the week. there has been a lot of teaching and learning. this week as we taught yan hai lan, she expressed that she feels peace when she prays but does not know what to do with it. she is very frustrated with that. it hard to teach. she expresses a lot of worry for her family in china and her son. she does not mention her husband that much, and we are fairly sure there is something going on, but we cant just come out and ask her to reveal everything. but besides that it is going well.
this Week at the MTC we were warned about a virus that has been going around in the outlining community, it the nurro virus. it includes stomach pains and throwing up. this Saturday after dinner i felt sick and everyone thought i had it. i didn't it was just some chicken that didn't settle right. my stomach hurt but that was it. it lasted for a few hours and was gone. but man people shun you when they think you have some virus.
also this last week we heard from Elder Kokuchi. he bore a great testimony of the gospel as he told us about his conversion story. he also stressed the importance to show are willingness to the Lord through our actions. it was a very nice talk. you can read his story online.
this week i was also told that i will be singing this week for the incoming missionaries. i will be singing for about 400 people. i cant wait. i am so happy to have the opportunity to sing.
and finlay, the last part of news is that i am now the music coordinator for the branch yay. since the older generation is gone, all of the calling got rearranged. i am so excited. i am just glad i get to do something.
well that's about it.
Oh and i heard from a good source (the custodial people) that President Monson will be coming at the end of this week, for Mission Presidents week. we'll see if it really happens.
Well that's about it. Working hard and doing well
halfway through the MTC. 6 weeks to go.
Love you all.
Elder Alden Papritz
Yang Zhanglao. (officially)

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