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Alden MTC June 1, 2010

Hey Family.
Its another hard working week at the MTC. honestly i am trying to think of what to say. not a lot more has happened that is different for any other week. we have been working hard studying chinese. we teach every day. right now we have two progressing investigators, Qiu weimin and Yan hailan. it is so amazing to teach in chinese. the spirit has been so strong as we have taught. both Elder Montalto and I agreed that we had our best lessons this week. our chinese is at its best so far and now we can teach by the spirit. as i told y'all last week we are part of a pilot program that requirers more of the missionaries. we are expected to learn alot of the chinese on our own with some mentoring by the teachers. so over all it is very hard work. we are studying all day.
last friday we had TRC, it has changed since everyone else has been here. now we teach lessons. we teach real people real lessons. in chinese. this last week was mostly members, but there was one room that had two investigators. i did not get to teach them but it is just amazing how we are even able to teach them in chinese and have them feel the spirit and understand us.
last tuesday Elder Russle M. Nelson spoke to us. it was amazing. from the moment he walked in the room you could feel the spirit, and when you looked into his face you could tell that he had a testimony of Jesus Christ. Honestly I dont remember exactly what he talked about but what I got out of it, was to represent the Lord at all times. I am here on the Lords errend and I most testify of him.
As for the rest of the week. I was planning on auditioning to sing for devotional but it ended up that that tuesday the choir decided to sing "This is The Christ" which is what i had been practicing. so obviously they were not going to choose someone to sing it again. however i decied to audition anyways. but when i got there the Elder auditioning right before me sang "This is the Chirst" along with three other people that day. but when I sang the Sister who was listening, started crying. i was very supprised. after hearing that song three other times I would think she would be sick of it. but when i was done she sat there speachless. then she told me and my accompinist that that was the best interpretation of the song she had heard. she told me that they most likley would not choose me to sing it this week but that Since i had a few more weeks left they could still have me sing it. and then she also asked if i had any other songs that could sing right then she would love to hear them. sadly they didnt have a song that my accompianst could play or that i could learn that fast. but they bought me some music that i sang back at home that i am audtioning for this week. it is very interesting how that worked out. because when i heard the choir practicing that tuesday, i was frustraited and annoyed that i would not be able to sing it. but after Elder Nelsons talk i realized that i was singing the song for myself and not to bear testimony of chist or to bring the spirit. i felt that i was able to sing that way at the audition and my accompianist was able to play like that because we decied to perform it as a testimony, not just a performance.
well that is my spiritual thought of the week. I am doing great here. I love it. I love the spirit that is here. by the end of the day i just want to shout the truth of the gospel from the roof tops. i know i have been blessed to be able to speak chinese. i know that by the gift of toungs i have been able to teach a lesson every day in chinese. i love This gospel and i know its true.
Love you all
Elder Alden Papritz.
Qiu/Pan/Yang Zhanglao.

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