Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Autumn- Budapest Hungary May 31, 2011


Well this week was our BEST WEEK in pest. Most success we've had the entire time Ive been here, had some awesome miracles and tender mercies. and obviously tons of HILARIOUSNESS too. I asked Sister Roderick how we are getting so much success when everyone always said the work would be so slow here and she said "these People are just diamonds in the rough" and its so true. We found a lot of diamonds this week, some of those diamonds without teeth.....but diamonds none the less.

1. On wednesday we were out in some random part of Budapest that wasnt full of buildings and I SAW A SUNSET!!!! a sunset I tell ya! The first time I have seen one of those since Ive been here. We are stuck in the middle of the city usually, which I love...but then we were outside the city looking for a random house and saw the gloriousness. We were watching it from some traintracks, and then a man yelled at us "GET OFF THE TRACKS YOURE GONNA DIE!! A TRAIN IS COMING!!"... as if we wouldnt have seen/heard a train coming. kinda killed the mood. but still, the sunset was awesome.

2. Like 4 weeks ago I wrote how we found the Hell's angel/construction worker guy on the street. Well we lost contact with him for a few weeks and then RANDOMLY i saw him on the street. I was so happy! We set up with him and he said he had been reading our book. Well come to find out he had read THE ENTIRE book of mormon TWICE!! not once, TWICE! all of it. It was marked up all over the place, and he said he hadnt called us cause he was in Germany...but not to worry cause he was meeting with missionaries there while he was away. AWESOME! He was basically teaching us out of the Book of Mormon, and telling us all about the characters and stories..and we asked him to be baptized and he said "Meg!"....which in Hungarian is like a really definite YES!.

3. We are also teaching this other really rendes guy who is a Tai Chi master. LIke the people you see doing the sissy kind of karate in the park. Thats this guy! Hes the leader of it. So next week we are going to be doing Tai Chi in the park. Im so excited!! and he is also progressing really well. Such a deep thinker, like his mind was just BLOWN that God is our Loving Heavenly Father. Like he couldnt comprehend that. He said he needed to go to the park and just think for a few hours. haha. it was cute.

4. On our way home one night we saw a Pigeon laying in the middle of the sidewalk dying! Like full on taking its last little breaths, we watched it for 20 minutes, Roderick kept saying we couldnt let it die alone. She sang it little songs to comfort it in its final flight to heaven like "blackbird singing in the DEAD of night" and "God Be with you till we meet again", we felt really bad. We sat on the steps of the Catholic church it was dying in front of..and then gave it its last rights or something like it. and then tomorrow we are having a proper burial for it. Its name was Gali short for Galambos Gábor... (you know youre on a mission doing when having a funeral for a pigeon is an exciting event)

5. We are teaching this other wonderful girl, well 28 year old, named Linda who is so cute and normal and has a job and car. Which is rare. She carries the book of mormon everywhere because she feels SAFER with it near her. She reads it at work. and last time in her Prayer with us she said she has been searching for this for 10 years. I just want to hug the heck out of her. She is so awesome. She Found us through english class, its so crazy how the Lord just leads people to us. We just sit back and let it happen.

6. Had my first BAD food experience. We were eating at some families house and they served these meat dumplings. Its looked like big dumplings that you would put in chicken and dumpling soup but inside was a MEAT SURPRISE! like little bits of who knows what, and then little crunchie somethings. I dont think it was supposed to be crunchy. Well it started off good, then I finished my plate. The dad made some motion to the pot and I thought he was saying TAKE SOME MORE! SO i dove in and took more. But then I realized nobody else was taking more. But it was already on my plate. So I started eating, and the meat surprise, was not as satisfying the second time around. then everyone was finished. and they were all staring at me while I ate. At this point i was CHOKING it down eating it so slow with huge gulps of juice in between. Then everyone gets up from the table and leaves...even my companion. They all get up and leave me alone, at the table, to finish my extra serving. With this look of like "that pitiful american" (well not my companion) The wife thought I didnt like it cause I was eating so slow, and Roderick just starts laughing and walks out of the Room. I felt like the bad kid whose parents leave them at the table to finish all their vegetables. but it was me and meat surprise. I was looking DESPERATELY everywhere for a plant pot or an open window to throw the stuff into. Roderick told me later all they had asked me was whether or not I liked the food, they werent telling me to take more. silly me and not understanding this language. I finally choked it all down. but it was disgusting.

Well thats about it for this week. LOVE IT HERE. loooooove it. Having fun and living it up. I know the things I am learning here are changing my life. and I know im going to be a Dang good wife and mother because of this. (if I may say so myself). Its the best.

Love. Sister P.

Word of the day: csigavér (chiga vare) It is slang for "Chill" and literally translated means "slug blood".

Cultural Tip: I forgot to mention people here do the whole Kiss on both cheeks thing. Its called Puszi here. So I am totally kissing people on the cheeks all over the place. Even people you dont know, you just kiss them when you meet them. Weird lack of personal space, but its cute.

Favorite Food: I REALLY love fruit soup here. Its like cold soup just filled with fruit and fruit broth. Its called gyümülcs leves.

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