Monday, May 2, 2011

Autumn- Budapest Hungary May 2, 2011


ok well this week was usually and I didnt have a lot of time to email. so im going to make this short and sweet and include the highlights!

1. Had Barby's baptism this week. Our little ball of fire. she had perfect form into the water. no drowning. In the middle of her baptismal service she called all the sisters up to give us presents. She gave me a hand drawing she did of the Chain Bridge over the Danube.... it was definitely no Monet or Rembrandt... but it was cute.

2. While streeting this week we approached someone and said "we have a message about Jesus Christ to Share" she replied with a pleasant grin "Sataniszta vagyok" or in other words..... "Well... I'm a Satanizer!"... and then walked off. haha....well hadnt heard that one before.

3. Our AMAZING investigator Barbye went tracting and streeting with us. Thats how amazing the people are in Hungary we are teaching that our INVESTIGATORS go streeting with us!! So streeting is when we stop people on the streets and share a message with them and tracting is when we go door to door (well apartment to apartment here) and she totally approached people and knocked doors with us. she is awesome! hungary is amazing.

4. One of our investigators came to church and she is really a little bit "unaware" and when the sacrament tray came to her she just stood up and started passing the sacrament to other rows... haha.. so our female investigator started passing the sacrament. we forgot to tell her that only the 12 year old Deacons do that. whoops.

5. During one of our lessons with an investigator Sister Roderick decided that it would be more productive for me to play with our investigators 5 year old (CRAZY) child instead of struggle/suffer/attempt to teach in Hungarian. So I got to wear a viking hat and play Vikings and Robbers with a 5 year old the whole lesson...way more fun. BUT it was a little embarassing when I realized the 5 year old spoke better than me.

6. Sister Roderick and I have always joked that we are going to street with the Law of Chastity. That that will be our very first contact to someone and we will just preach abstinence to everyone and they will say " YES THATS WHAT IVE BEEN WAITING TO HEAR MY WHOLE LIFE....etc etc" haha... so we've always said were just going to tell everyone about chastity. Golden idea right?

Well so on Saturday IT WORKED!! A 25 year old male...attractive hungarian male (which that is already hard to come by) met with us and the first thing out of his mouth was " Im sick of the immorality in this Country I cant stand the way women act around here and yesterday, before I saw you in the metro, i prayed that I would find people that live a higher moral law. I am looking for a group of people that have high morals and women that live high standards..." ...UH BINGO....We've got just the thing THE LAW OF CHASTITY!!! TADA!!!! So we literally for the first lesson taught the law of chastity... it was our dream come true. and HE WAS HOOKED!!! he was seriously hooked with the law of chastity and then he was asking when he can serve a mission...basically GOLDEN.. and it all started with the law of chastity.

7. got hit on by toothless old man in the metro. he winked at me and said "szervusz!" in an awkward seductive tone. then he interpreted my jaw dropped look of horror for a "come hither look" and so he then came even closer, winked again and yelled "HELLO LADY!!".. what a crooner.

allright thats all for this week. Would send pictures but this computer is SUPER SUPER SLOW.

Love you all!!

-Your little Hungarian.

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