Monday, May 16, 2011

Autumn- Budapest Hungary May 16, 2011

Hello everyone!!!

Well another week in Pest! I cant believe time is flying soooo fast. I was thinking the other day about the day I received my mission call and how crazy it was that it said " Budapest Hungary"...and I had NO CLUE where that was. Now I live here! weird!

So this week was fun, President gave the missionaries in the area special permission to go see Phantom of the Opera on "broadway" here. Or the equivilant of Hungarian broadway. The production was all in Hungarian with really poorly translated english subtitles. It would say things like " my Angel of Music is a happiness unto me"...haha. I realized I actually understand Hungarian cause I leaned over to sister Roderick and said " that is DEFINITELY not what they just sang" cause apparently the translation was WAY off the entire show. and also the Phantom was like 90 years old! haha... or it seemed like it. He started singing and I thought it was going to be like some young phantom, but he started warbling like an Old man...totally killed the mood of the Whole show. a 90 year old phantom is not that scary or intimidating.

It was definitely a cultural experience. One crazy weird culture thing about Hungarians is that they clap in unison. So when the show was done, instead of clapping everyone at their own clapping pace they all clap together. As if there is a beat, but theres not a beat. and Somehow EVERYONE knows when it starts. and also they did like 6 "encore" bows. They seriously applauded for 20 minutes...all in unison. It was so weird.

Another fun event this week Sister Roderick got asked to perform at this Memorial concert for the death of one of our investigators friends (the investigator is like some PR lady that knows famous people...or so we thought). So we thought it was going to be this somber event. We were prepared with all of these death pass along cards. We show up to the place, everyone was like atleast 80 years old..and come to find out. It was a variety show! It wasnt a memorial concert at all, they didnt even MENTION the girl they were memorializing. They had a big picture of her up on a screen, but never mentioned her. It was like a Nursing Home Birthday party. and all of these old Famous Hungarian Crooners got up and performed a bunch of "Golden Oldies". I was so confused the whole night cause I kept waiting for everyone to be crying in memory of this lady, but everyone was having a party. There was a drunk man yelling bravo the whole night behind me. People were singing along to everysong. Old people were dancing in the aisles. I was sooo confused. We thought people would be in mouring, but they were just having the time of their lives! So we felt awkward passing out "death is not the end" pass along cards to all of these people that basically had one foot in the grave already at this "party". But I sure as heck passed out every single one of those cards!

We streeted a blind man this week. It was really awesome. He was so grateful we talked to him. We saw Him from far away, and I said we have GOT to talk to him. Cause how often can you just walk up and talk to a blind man! So we talked to him for a while on the street and It was so great. He was so greatful to have someone to talk to. After the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe the cloud of nuclear chemical settled right over Hungary. So there are sooo many people that have developmental problems, and lots of eye problems. So many people walk with limps or have other health issues because of Chernobyl or other communist things. Its crazy to be in the middle of a place like this. There is so much history, so much these people have gone through.

It also hit me this week, during communisom people were forbidden to join ANY religion. So alot of these people have never been religious in their lives because it was forbidden. So I am really apart of a pioneering work here in Hungary. These members are pioneers. They are the first members to join the church. There is no temple here, the church is so new. It just really struck me how new the church is here, and how much work there is to do. It makes me excited to be apart of the History of the Church in Hungary.

One of the pictures this week is me holding a giant Iron Nail. I wrestled that nail out of our Investigators 5 year old sons hand. (the one I play vickings and robbers with) He was swinging that thing around and it was looking REALLY dangerous. So I took matters into my own hands and solved that little dangerous problem. Then he burst into tears, called me a SLEW of bad names. and kept saying "youre stupid!" and then pummeled me with his fists. His mom was TICKED at him. but then later he apolozied and it was the cutest thing ever. But he was SOOOOO ticked at me and I had no clue what he was yelling at me..but I could tell it wasnt nice.

Well.... Thats it for this week. Lots of other funny and amazing things happened this week. Sister Roderick and I have so much fun here in Pest.

The gospel is true and I love being here! Everyone be happy!!


Sister Papritz

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