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AUtumn- Budapest Hungary April 25, 2011

Hello family and Friends!!

Well this week was an exciting week! A crazy week! I feel like I lived 20 weeks in just THIS WEEK! Well I will start off with my most traumatic story this week. So I decided it was time to get a haircut. Those that know me, know that I have only ever let two people touch my hair in my life, my haircutter in Oregon and my hairlady in Salt lake city. Thats it. Im pretty particular about my hair. But i was DESPERATE this week, its long and gross and so we decided to go to this hairplace next to our grocery story. (red flag number stores should have NOTHING to do with haircuts) so my wonderful companion translates for me. I told her I just want it a little bit shorter and thinner. So she says to her in Hungarian "a little bit shorter and not as much thickness and shorter bangs"... Seems straight forward ugy-e? (right?) I sit down the haircutter lady seemed really nice but her hair looked like an edward scissor hand creation (red flag number two) then she washes my hair, no problem... then she proceeds to cut. she cuts a little off the bottom layer..and it looks fine. Then she starts HACKING at the rest of it, layers are coming out of NOWHERE!...all the sudden there are INChes and INCHES falling off my hair. what?! There were SOO MANY LAYERS.. and so she starts to blowdry it and she starts swooping the layers ito my face so ive got all these layers just like hanging in my face like a shaggy dog. Then she starts approaching the bangs and I forbade her!! she finished styling, and Im just mortified, the front looks like a layered fiesta..and in the back it felt like there was a little extra. So she turns around and unveils the final product.... yeah, the little extra in the back WAS A MULLET!!!!! I have this long EXTRA LAYER in the back. A little Euro surprise! So i was just MORTIFIED... horrified, felt like crying and running and flying home to my hairdresser. So we immediately go home and I tame the mullet down with some straightening. Now it just looks like some weird crazy european layers and I usually just tuck my little mullet into my collar.I actually just fit right in here in Hungary. but oh man.... I am never going to a grocery haircut place going down to the Opera house district even if it costs me tons of money. Never again will I have a mullet! (Im just going to let my current mullet grow out.) I dont have any really good pictures of the mullet. I will tease it up a bit one day and take a picture and send it next week.

So besides that horror, the rest of the week was amazing. We teach this man named Zsolt and his deaf mother Katalin. Zsolt is a famous Opera singer in Hungary! He lives right next door to the Opera house and His speaking voice is just this deep beautiful sounding Hungarian, I could just listen to him talk all day. Well I got the wonderful Privilige of inviting them to be baptized on wednesday and they both accepted!! Well Zsolt was thrilled, and Katalin hadnt really heard what was going on so Zsolt yelled to her " do you want to be baptized with me?!" She had this look of like "oh please" ..and then said "hát......igen"... like "wellllllll........yes" with this wink like, whatever you say. she is the CUTEST náni EVER!

On sunday we had a miracle, this women came into Church that we had never seen before. She grabbed all of the materials off of the info table and went to Sunday school. She was reading through them frantically, like she had never seen such a thing. She introduced herself in sunday school and said " I had been standing outside of one of your buildings and I saw the name of your church. So i went home and looked it up online and I just felt something, I felt like this is what I needed. So i came to church to figure our if this is really true".....WOW!!.... Not everyday someone struts into church saying that. so we definitely taught her this week, and were just SOOO happy that we had that miracle this week. She had such a pure desire to learn more.

This week we had our Easter concerts. Every missionary in the budapest area participated. We did a concert in kispest, buda, and pest...we had concerts friday, saturday and sunday. It was a busy weekend. But it was so fun to play the piano and to share the gospel through music.

For easter we went and ate at a members home. She fed us stuffed egg shells, like egg shells stuffed with Rice...i have NO CLUE how she did that. These little meat patties and some Chicken noodle broth soup. Then the grand finale was another soup, it was a spinach soup...but it really just looked liked a huge bowl of bright green thick BABY FOOD!! I had my first experience trying to pleasently slurping down spinach soup/baby food. I had do drink lots of juice with it to keep it down. Im grateful because the food is REALLY good here. Im lucky I havent had anything that is disgusting. We made paprikas Cirke the other day and it was divine. But it was a Hungarian recipe, uh...and were not really proficient in Hungarian culinary we improved it. and it turned out great. I havent had anything too weird..I cant wait to have a good weird food story.

The weather is PHENOMINAL HERE! It has just been sunshine ever since I showed up. The trees are blooming with bright purple and white flowers and the sun is out, and it has rained a couple of times...but Im defintiely not in Oregon anymore. No more rainy springs!

Oh yeah... so we get home late at night on Saturday and the doors to our balcony are WIDE OPEN and we DEFINITELY didnt leave them open. So we start freaking out that someone is in our apartment, me freaking out a little less than sister Roderick..but still a TON for ME...and I grabbed knives and was equipped to fight this INTRUDER. So we get our district leader on the phone and he starts walking us throug his "plan" what a joke! He basically said just run in and start stabbing the air! start stabbing anything! then he started telling sister Roderick to start speaking in Hungarian, formalizing him and using lots of "maga's" telling him to leave!.... (which means just speak really fancy to him, and make it sound like fancy hungarian cause maybe that would be intimidating! bahah!) Well...I finally switched a light on and charged the room..and used my flashlight and looked EVERYWHERE there was noone there. But we sure as heck didnt open those doors. So who knows what happens...i think all of the formalization worked, he was out of there! we were TOO fancy for him!!

Well that was my week. Like I said. CRAZY busy week! Lots of excitement. Lots of spirit. Some miracles thrown in there and some wonderful baptisms set up! Barbye gets baptized on saturday and Im soooo excited! I will send pictures next week, I finally found my camera Chord so I can charge my camera.

Love You all!!

- Papritz Nővér

Cultural Tip of the Week: hungarians have some weird easter traditions. One is the men pour perfume on the womens hair, and the other is that they dump water on girls as a surprise. So... yea our elders definitely took advantage of that tradition and dumped us last night on Gellert Hedge.

pictures: 1. Sister Roderick and I at a wheelchair benefit. The church donated a bunch of wheelchairs to an organization and sister Roderick sang in the ceremony.

2. Me infront of some cute old men playing chess in the subway. Dad and Austin would love to play!

3. This is the sign we pass everyday infront of our bus stop: "Good mornin starshine!" random!

4. My beautiful city from Gellert Hedge.

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