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Autumn- Budapest Hungary April 18, 2011

Hello Everyone!!!

Im writing this in an internet cafe, next to a crazy Hungarian whose ring tone is the sound of a fly buzzing. its super weird.

Well it was another LOVELY week in Pest. Im loving all of this more and more. and Me and Sister Roderick are just having the times of our lives together. We got to travel to this amazingly cute and prefect city called Gyűr, because she was performing in her one woman show concert there. (well p.s. did I mention she is an INCREDIBLE singer... which is so fun for me) and I got to go to the concert then we spent time in the city and ate some amazing Hungarian food...stayed at the Gyűr sisters apartment, which is like a penthouse. Seriously it makes our apartment seem like a dog house. There apartment is huge so we all crashed there for the night and caught the 530 am train back to Pest to be on time for church. It was a fun little adventure and I was glad to go because the night before she also had a concert and she traveled with another sister and left me in Budapest to fend for myself! I went on splits with Sister Johnson and we had a blast... but we are both SUPER NEW..and super...uh...lacking in the language department. So it was a hilarious night us trying to survive with the language. But we taught my super spunky amazing investigator Barbye and it was so funny cause we kept getting things confused. At one point Barbye was talking about something about a building... I thought she was talking about the Temple... sister johnson thought she was talking about the Great and Spacious building...and come to find out she had been talking about the Tower of Babel all a long!! haha.... well I was definitely WAY off. Then another part of the lesson she kept asking us about a jossznő (i dont know how to spell it) well neither of us knew what that was. So she showed us in the dictionary.. and it said "prophetess" and we said no ... President Monson is the Prophet. Well she just got more confused with our answer..and well, again...we were a BIT confused. she had actually been asking if "she should still go to a FORTUNE TELLER!".....haha.... well that was A LOT easier to explain than prophetesses. oh man.. this language is so confusing! but hilarious!!

So on tuesday we went streeting at this busy intersection/Metro station area and we set up tables and stuff to talk to people. and We had a lot of success! We found these 3 really rough looking construction workers who were totally interested. One of them is named Laszlo and he is built like as if he works with a jackhammer everyday... he is like a mix between a Hell's Angel and a body builder... Hes bald and has this awesome mustache. anyways he was super interested in what we were saying and said he wanted a Book of Mormon and that he would come to church. but didnt have a phone number supposedly. So all week we thought I bet he's going to dog us and not show up because he probably really has a phone but didnt want us to have his number... and so then I prayed super hard all week that somehow he'd make it to church. I was in the middle of playing my prelude in sacrament meeting and in walks in Laszlo my Hells Angel-Body Builder!!! and the best part is afterwards when I asked him if he had read much in the book of mormon he pulled it out and said "yeah tons! I read all the way till Alma 3!" .... what ?!?! alma 3! that was like Music to our ears! and the best part is he had the book all high lighted and he took furious notes all through sunday school and asked all sorts of questions. yeah.. im super excited about him. it was so awesome that he came to church.

Also funny at that streeting experience, we got flashed.... By a man. This man just walked into the middle of the square and dropped his pants. and Im sitting there talking to our construction worker friends and I just hear Sister Roderick yell out " SISTER PAPRITZ WHATEVER YOU DO...DO NOT LOOK TO YOUR LEFT!!!"... yeah.. unfortunately I had been looking to the left. prior to the warning...and an eyeful. WELCOME TO HUNGARY!!

Also it was crazy this week we visited a family who lives in the 8th district... or as I like to call it the Holocaust district.. cause it looks like your walking into a concentration camp. The people that live there are soooo poor and sooo lacking in just basic needs. Hardly anyone there has power or food. and the family we visited lived in just filth. It was soooo sad. But so humbling. My life is so blessed, not only with material things but just with the gospel and an eternal perspective. The mission is an amazing culture experience and big life lesson teacher. I definitely wont take things for granted after all of this.

Also this week I accidently told the mission presidents wife I felt like I was on vacation.... uh whoops! she gave me a look of like "vacation huh? thats what this is?!".... "UH NO THATS NOT WHAT I MEANT...i meant you know the joy you feel when youre ON VACATION... its like that with LOTS AND LOTS of missionary work. emphasis on Lots of work.".. yeah had to back peddle out of that one.

well I love you all so much! and I love the work! and I love Hungary!!!

Papritz Nővér

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