Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Austin - Kenosha Wisconsin - May 31, 2011

Dear Family,
A very fun and successful week on this last full week of the transfer. It's crazy that we will be getting transfer info this Saturday, these transfers are really just rolling. Yesterday all the libraries were closed because of Memorial Day so that's why my email is coming a day late. So since we had an extra few hours yesterday we went to a barbecue with some of the members of the branch here. They had delicious barbecue and tons of watermelon we played games and then we had a little Family Home Evening afterwards. It was a way fun night. It was way funny, I thought, because there were some young women from the branch there and I noticed my companion getting pretty familiar with them. Just figuring it was small talk or whatever and then I go over there and he's talking about dating, holding hands and kissing. And I was just thinking, What the heck is he doing?? I mean, I kind of got a kick out of it hearing the stories of his "over 40 girlfriends" from this cute little shy awkward new missionary. haha. Then later at the barbecue one of the daughters from one of the families came up to me and told me to talk to him about not talking about stuff like that because it made her uncomfortable. It was the same girl that Elder White held hands with during a Catholic style prayer a few weeks ago and he has kind of brought it up every time we are around her haha. Sooo I had to explain to her that he doesn't mean anything by it. But, woops, looks like I just got a little player of a boy.

A funny story from a few weeks ago, I was at an FHE with a family and I was talking afterwards about desire and how your actions are a reflection of your desires; I don't remember exactly what I was saying but I what I wanted to say is that I had the desire "to fly" which is "volar" in spanish but I said that I had the desire to "violar" which means "to rape (people)" aaaand I didn't realize what I said at first until I realized all the sisters where looking at me in horror. I quickly explained myself and now they have never let me forget it. They will come up to me at church and tell me, "You have been flying around lately, have you?"
Okay, I got to go, we are in a bit of a rush today since this isn't our usual email day.
I'll talk to you all lateer. I will explain more stuff later.
-Elder Papritz

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