Monday, May 2, 2011

Amy - Tianmu, Taiwan May 2, 2011

Qin ai de jiating,
Boy is it getting hot and sticky!!! This whole week the weather has been heating up. Its really spring!! I am so glad it is starting to warm up. But heaven help me when its summer!! A great thing though is that Mangos are in season!!! In June we will be able to buy those delicious heavenly fruit. I ate them in China and LOVED IT! Alden you will be getting here right in the thick of the great fruit season. There is also a really good dessert that is shaved ice with condensed milk on it and fruit. I dont' know who to spell it but it is amazing! In two days sister Tanner and I ate 3. hehe. We are finding ways to keep cool. Luckily our apartment has air conditioning.
This week was really slow. A lot of our appointments fell through so we did a lot of contacting. Everyday we knocked on doors for 4+ hours. It has been fun Sister Tanner and I make it interesting. Here there are a lot of 5 floor builidings. The doors are usually right by each other so its easy to go from one to the other. Sometimes just for fun Sister Tanner and I if one door doesnt' answer we will riverdance/ clog over to the next door. Usually that starts us in our usual laughting fit which is really awkward when someone answers the door. Oh well, gotta break the monotany some how!! We have seen many miracles through door contacting. We met this one Philippino women who literally is a slave. She will work here for 3 years and works from 6am to 11pm. She has no days off and no cell phone. My heart just broke for her as she started to tear up. She has so much faith. She says that prayer is the only outlet she has since she cannot leave the house. We are going back to visit her this week and will take her a Book of Mormon. In that same building one door had Celine Dion music blaring. We danced in the hallway to My heart will go on before we knocked on the door. It brought be back to our many days in the car as a kid when we would listen to her CDs. Good times.
We met this week with Vicky twice. She is amazing!!! We shared the Plan of Salvation and the Word of Wisdom. She said that she knows that it is from God and that he wants whats best for her. When we talked about the Plan of Salvation her face lit up. She talked about how her grandpa had passed away and how she prayed to know where he was. When we told her that he too would have the chance to hear the Gospel her face lit up even more. During her prayer she expressed how much she loved her grandpa and wanted peace. She also apologized for everything that she has done wrong and promised she would start doing good. Her faith is so amazing!! I realized how much my prayers need fixing. Hers are so sincere and faithfilled. It is truly like she is talking with God like a friend. I love her!
Well I hope that you all have a great week. As for mother's day I plan on calling Sunday morning around 6:30 MY TIME. That would be Saturday evening your time. I can't wait the talk to you. I guess I will talk to you more about coming home when I call. Crazy my last phone call home as a missionary!!! AHHH! I love you all!!
All my love,
Yang Jiemei

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