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Alden MTC May 17, 2010

hey Every One.
so this is it my first email as a Missionary. this week has been so amazing. first of all our district is part of a new pilot program that they are starting here. they are practicaly pushing us into the water. we had to teach our first investigator in chinese on friday. his name is Kong yi and he is great. so far we have taught him 3 times. all in chinese. it is amazing to see how blessed we are as missionaries to be able to teach a lesson in a foreign language that most of the Elders in my district have not even look at.
my companion is Elder Montalto (Meng Zhanglao) he is just great. he is working so hard to learn chinese. he has never look at it or spoken it before. he took spanish in high school and thought he was going to go Spanish speaking. but i guess the lord had other plans. i know he well do great. he has already learned so much.
so going back to the first day. it was very hard as it got closer to the time to enter the MTC. there were alot of tears form my mom and me. as we left the parking lot near by where we said our good byes and headed toward the MTC i felt like i was walking the green mile. it was so painfull. but as we pulled into the MTC all of my fears were gone and i was ready to go. so the actual good by at the curb was not as painfull. since then there has been no time to stop and feel sorry. this program they the have got us new elders on keeps you busy 24/7. here at the MTC i have found many people that i know for school. my companion always points that out when there is another person that i find i know. my branch president here is Brother Baker. he was Amy's Branch president here and he remembers her. also my teacher is Sister Chang who was also Amy's teacher. she is great. i could not think of any one better then her. she is very funny, but she is very spiritual and always shares a strong testimony. classes here are faichang hao ( very good.) class is all in chinese except in guided studies and doctrine but even then our teacher tries to talk in chinese. now i know how to testify, pray, make commitments and give promises. but outside of class i have learned a lot of vocab for the lessons. i am 100% positive i will be able to teach all of the lessons by the time leave. one of the coolest things about my district is our diversity. we have a companionship from New Zealand, and a missionary from Tahiti, he only speaks french and very little english but he is doing great.
well that is about it. a lot of work and a lot spirit. the MTC is every thing I was told it would be, every thing i thought it would be and more. plus the food is really good.
i am so grateful to be serving a mission and to be her at this time. i know i have been bless greatly.
Love you all
the newest member of the papritz army.
Elder Papritz (Qiu zhanglao)

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