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Autumn- Budapest Hungary April 11, 2011


This email is coming to you from Budapest Hungary!!! I made it!!!!! I arrived late wednesday and am serving with Sister Roderick in PEST!!! So i am across the River (the danube/duna) from Budda (this is the shopping district, and also one of the biggest, if not THE biggest area in the mission) So i'm in the big city and LOOOOOVING IT!!! I can't believe I can say I live in Europe now!! like real deal... i'm a missionary in HUNGARY!! my foot is fine. Haven't had any problems it finally got over itself. (p.s. this is a weird keyboard so ignore the typos and all of the mixed up z and y's)

So I arrived after my day of travel and I was greeted by president baughman and his wife at the airport and then we were off to the mission home! We picked up my companion who is sooooo cute and sooooo awesome. We are having a blast. We went to this fancy restaurant my first night, it was a hungarian buffet complete with fancy jazz piano and I ate SHARK! ..and a bunch of other amazing hungarianness and fruit soup. mmm soo good. then we went and saw the famous "hero's square" It was something I have seen a million pictures of but was really surreal that I was really standing there IN BUDAPEST!!!

The next day we moved into our apartment and I thought it was weird that we had brandnew beds, new sheets, new rugs...new a lot of stuff.... hmm.. Then that night at gofri este (waffle night with all of the YSA/investigators) my old mtc companions Sister Orme blurted out " BAHH YOU KNOW YOUR APARTMENT WAS INFECTED WITH BEDBUGS!?!?!?.... bahaha... the secret was out. Sister Roderick was planning on never telling me..but I found out the first day. and actually...I'm so grateful because of all of the blessings I received for being delayed so long in the MTC this one TOPS THE LIST!!!!! This was the VERY reason my foot acted up.. to save me from bedbugs!! oh man.... but good thing is, we have all new stuff and our new beds are wonderful and the apartment got exterminated. Actually we dont even live in a ghetto apartment, or area. It's a really cute european apartment with fancy moldings, nice furniture, clean area, high ceilings..and it's BIG!! bigger than any apartment I have lived in. So i really like it, and its in the middle of the city and we take the Metro EVERYWHERE...which i loooove.

we didnt waste anytime getting to work. We had our first appointment that night on the Law of Chastity (being morally pure, abstaining from sex before marriage...etc) So yeah, that was a doosy, hadn't really brushed up on any of my "the talk" vocab in the mtc. But my companion is great and filled in for my lack of understanding.

Our investigators are amazing. we have on investigator that I LOVE! Her name is Barbye and she is 19. She is ON FIRE! She just basically teaches all of the lessons to us. Like on the law of chastity she said "well yeah, i'm getting married in the temple so I wouldnt do anything stupid like that"...so also basically taught relief society on sunday. she is awesome. she also LOVES teaching me Hungarian. She is just a BALL OF FIRE.... she reminds me a lot of Karen Kleinman (those from oregon will know her)....she looks just like her and is like the spunky, crazy, powerhouse version of Karen Kleinman. She's on bap date and im so excited for her.

Also we have a young cute skinny stylish single mom who we are teaching Named Helga...and she ROCKS the euro mullet. Like not Alabama mullet, we're talking like STYLED and poofy mullet. Its awesome. She is on fire too and is on Bap date. She just has this amazing innocence about her. Everything we teach her she just loves and accepts whole heartedly. she cant wait to start doing family history work.

So Church this sunday was interesting. I automatically became the ward pianist. My mom started all of her kids in piano lessons when we were little so that we could all play on our missions someday...and here we are, all playing the piano across the world. Mom your dream came true! It was hilarious though, so Im playing piano for the hymns and the hungarians let their kids run CRAZY around church. So i'm playing piano and the kids kept coming up on the stand, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HYMNS mind you, and starts trying to bang on the lower half of the piano. So everyone is singing along, im trying to play and swat little kids away at the same time. So then I think they thought it was a game so another kid came up and started trying to play, so Im trying to play the hymn while trying to swat these kids away, i kept grabbing their hands JUST as they went for the keys...and I never missed a note. hahah.. it was the most stressfull piano playing ive ever done! It was like being in a war zone and dodging bullets! except i was just dodging all of these Crazy hungrarian kids.

On saturday we had a baptism. This woman named Erszi that sister roderick has taught for a long time. She finally got baptized and it was so great to have a baptism on my second day, it really inspired me and helped me know that the work is VERY successful here in PEST. and we will have 2 more baptisms by the end of the month and we're bap challenging three more people this week. so it's awesome.

So the language has terrified me, because I can understand when people are talking to each other but as soon as someone started talking to me my brain is like "AHHHHHHHH SOMEONE IS SPEAKING TO YOU?!?! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY?!? YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT THEYRE SAYING DO YOU!?!?" ... by the time my brain thinks all of that the person realizes I dont speak Hungarian and has walked away haha... but on sunday it was testimony meeting (where people from the congregation gets up and shares their feelings about the gospel.. unscripted)...so I decided, hey why not... might as well go up. I figured if the people in the ward need to get to know me, i might as well start now. So i marched up there, with my greenie fire blazing like the emerald city...and bore my testimony!!!... and I just spoke from my little heart and I saw a bunch of people beaming at me from the congregation including two of our investigators and they all just had this look of " oh look at the cute american trying to speak Hungarian!!!" a few people even clapped when I was finished as if I had just performed a miracle. haha... I spoke a lot longer than I thought I would and was surprised to be complimented on how well I spoke even though I had only been there for 3 days....oh theyre so nice.

I really love the people so much already. theyre so quircky and weird but so endearing!! It was so funny I was sitting at a table and my friend Barbye (my 19 investigator/ ball of fire) was running up to talk to me and someone ran towards her and just put out her arm and said "stop...dont talk to her, she doesn't speak Hungarian!!!".. haha. well, be a little blunt about it why dont ya! ... haha...and barbye is so awesome she just gave her this look of like buzz off..and said "I know that...that's why IM TEACHING HER!!". It was so funny, she was so insulted for me. haha... but Im learning quick
enough.im just so grateful to be here.

Other funny story, my companion since she is like the most popular person in the ward, gets gifted alot of stuff...and there is this one Sister who loves to give her stuff. and so after the baptism Margit slides sister Roderick this gift with a wink...and this morning she pulls it out to show me and its a 2 pairs of sexy lacy white panties....hahaha.....uh yeah.... the sister missionaries got gifted sexy lacy panties.....awkward! im not sure if she gave them to us so we could match...haha... but definitely she doesnt understand the concept of garmnets.

Well I love all of you. sorry this is the longest letter ever! But there's a lot happening in my life now that I'm in the heavenly land of Hungary! I love the work I am doing here. Its so wonderful to teach people and bring them so much happiness in there life. the gospel of Jesus Christ is true..and so amazing. Read the book of Mormon! I love you all!!!

Isten szeret minket és szeretlek!!!

Papritz Nővér

picture is me in Hero's square. I dont have a lot of other pictures, I will send more next week!

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