Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Austin - Kenosha Wisconsin - April 11, 2011

Mis queridos,
I just got done reading Autumn's email of getting in to Hungary and I'm so excited. I have little butterflies reading that, thinking back to my first week in Madison, Wisconsin. I am also ecstatic that you are enjoying good success over there. That also reminded me, I've been meaning to tell you, there is an Elder here that I want to hook you up with. He actually recently just become an asistant too and gosh he is hilarious and just a way nice guy. I think he is absolutely someone that you would bring home. I told him about you and I think he's interested if you could go for a younger guy. Anyways, don't let that distract you at all just consider it an option, maybe. haha
So this week I have still be battling this cold which has been going on now for EIGHTEEN days. uuuugh. I think I'm just starting to get better and I have't coughed once today which is a huuge improvement. I was thinking that I maybe contracted the whooping cough or some other obscure disease you'd see on the Oregon Trail computer game. I also had an interesting experience meeting my doctor here in Kenosha. Well she isn't really my gastrointerologist but I'm getting my infusions at here clinic which is an orthopedic clinic (the medicine I take is equally taken by those with Crohn's and Arthritis) and so she decided she should probably meet with me before I start taking infusions at her clinic. Well, she was an absolute nutcase. First of all the nurse wanted me to completely strip down and get in to the backless gown which I decided on my own that I wasn't going to do because I wasn't actually an 80-year old arthritic patient. Then the lady came in (a total hippy, jipsy-voodoo type lady) and she proceeded to tell me how the gastrointerology field hasn't been giving me the medicine correctly and that she wanted to prescribe me some other drug to go with it and then she asked me if I had any joint pain since I was in an orthopedic office anyways. I regrettfully told her about my neck pain and she just went off on me. I continued to do an entire body exam of my joints (keep in mind that she is a rather flirty, touchy type for being a lady in her mid 50's) She told me that she would prefer I was in the gown but she'd do it with all my clothes on. After that entire circus act, which included me walked on my toes and her grabbing my leg by the inner thigh and rotating my leg around while I lied on my back, she prescribed me 8 different medications for TMJ and neck pain, she recommended I take this new and local "finger acupuncture treatment" along with yoga and that I go to the local mall and buy these LAME Skecher shoes that look like their for old, hipless grandmas. She also gave me a free catalog for a bunch of workout DVDs (like Richard Simmons type stuff). The only thing I used were the sleeping pills she gave me as samples. Last night I popped all three in with a bit of nyquil and I still barely fell asleep. So that was interesting.
We taught that Chinese foreign exchange student this week. She invited us over for lunch along with one of the members that she knows. We ate beef curry at her house along with her host grandpa, this 87 year old WWII vet named Billy. He was a character, truly an old man with some charm and wit. He told story after story and we kindly listened and talked back. Then we got to the lesson and we pulled out the Book of Mormon and we saw a different side of Billy I haven't seen. Elder Kelly asked if he had ever seen that book before and he told us he had already read it. We then asked if he liked anything in it and he replied, "Nope. And I don't like that crack head that started that church. I was alive when he started that church and I've always grown up knowing it's a fraud." I asked him when he was born and he said in 1923 sooo I'm not sure at what point in his life he witness Joseph Smith start the church in 1830 but we played along. Ivy, the Chinese exchange student, accepted the gift kindly.
It's been really weird, Elder Kelly has 17 days left and he's been getting boxes ready to send home stuff. I have inherited a couple things from him that he doesn't want to pack like some shoe polish, soccer sox, some colored pencils and a CD of Coldplay songs done by a string quartet (quality gifts, right?). Realizing I have almost a year on my mission I was thinking about how I will recommit to doing better and learning more Spanish and working harder. And then I thought -- why don't I just get started now?? So I'm going to do that. It especially scares me when I hear Elder Kelly speak Spanish sometimes and he makes mistakes (he gets on himself about it when it happens) they aren't huge mistakes by any means but him and I both had the same thought before we came on our mission which was that we thought that every missionary comes home from their mission speaking perfectly fluent in their lanugage, which isn't true. I know I'm doing pretty well too, last Sunday I got quite a few compliments on my Spanish from members, in fact, several people thought I was going home soon too with Elder Kelly but they were surprised to find out that I wasn't even half way done. That boosted my confidence a bit.
One last thing, reading Autumn's email reminded me about playing the piano. But the branch here found out that I played the piano and so now I play piano for the primary every week and also I am teaching one of the young women in the ward to play piano. I felt like my old piano teacher Mrs. Pritchard or whatever. I even write her homework in a notebook (C major scale 5x every day both hands etc.) and then I make her cry when she doesn't practice over the week or have good posture or curl her fingers correctly while playing.
Much love,
Elder Papritz
ps The weather is getting fantastic around here. Just perfect.

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