Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Austin Kenosha WI, March 21st, 2011

Dear family and friends,
I got in to Kenosha on Wednesday after my infusion. Everything has gone well, the sun is shining so much more now and I love Kenosha. It is definitely a bit weird to look around not be just surrounded by buildings, houses and stores. Kenosha is a lot more suburbian and the culture here is so much different. The Hispanics here are way more well mannered and proper. I love this little branch though, because it is rather new and all the members are a nice fire and pride for the work. All the members work very hard, it seems, to try to maintain the branch, be friendly and fulfill callings. It's also pretty divers too, the branch president's family is Argentinan and there is a couple Brazilians in the branch as well which is way cool. At church on Sunday, the 2nd counselor of the Bishopric asked me to come up, intruduce myself and bear my testimony. Afterwards many of the branch members complimented me on my Spanish and accent. Elder Kelly and I thought about that and realized that him and I are in the best Spanish speaking companionship in the mission. Every else has a greenie or just a poor speaker. Him and I definitely feel a pretty big responsibility to do well and hold up the Spanish work here in Wisconsin. And we have an even bigger responsibility because Kenosha has been known to have missionaries that goof off and make a bad name to the members. President has told us that we are there to help rebuild the work here. It's an interesting area, the English elders here live in the same apartment as us. So it's hard to not get caught in a conversation and just lose track of time. We also have to share a car and that presents it's own problems. But President put the district leader in the Kenosha English companionship so he lives with us. I think he's really trying hard to turn this area around. Also, one of the first things I noticed when I walked in to the apartment is a pretty decent collection of weights and a bench. Elder Kelly and I find out that Elder Parker (the district leader) is in to weight lifting quite a bit and he has a really good workout book. So the joke around the apartment is that we're going to get huge. Especially since Elder Kelly is going home after this transfer, so we're going to get him ripped before he goes home to his girlfriend. But it's kind of nice actually, I really enjoy lifting, which I've never done before, and I'm on a pretty sweet diet. I feel better than ever and I'm eating better than ever. Except the day after we did leg workouts and then we got soo sore, and I mean SOO sore. We walked around church the next day like decapitated chickens because our legs were so ripped. We're going to get huge.
Love you all. Hope all is well and that the people in Japan are recovering promptly.
-Elder Papritz

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