Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Amy March 20th, 2011

Qin ai de jiating,
Another week has gone by in the beautiful city of Jilong. I can't believe that I am already at the end of another transfer. Sister Howell and I were talking about it and it makes us a little sick to see how fast time is moving. This week was great. The weather is finally warming up. We have about 3 or 4 days of beautiful sunny warm weather and then the rest are cold and rainy. Slowly Jilong is warming up. I love it!! The flowers are all in bloom. Taiwan really is living up to its nickname Formosa (given by the Portugese sailors who first landed on Taiwan). Taiwan is so beautiful!! The hillsides are covered in green trees and flowers of all varieties are in bloom. I love being in Taiwan!!!! I can't wait for Alden to get here and experience the beauty of Taiwan. Not only the landscape but the people.
We saw quite a few miracles this week. The biggest is that we met with Joy, Green's wife. She set a baptismal date for May 7. Yahoo!!!! The lesson we had with her was wonderful. Green helped us with the lesson a lot. She told us how when she went to his baptism and heard his testimony she started to cry. She said she felt something but didn't know how to describe it and what it was. Green, who is already a great missionary, immediately explained that that was the Spirit testifying to her that this Gospel is true. She agreed to start having family prayer and personal prayer. I know that soon she will get baptized. She is so amazing!!! Keep her in your prayers.
Sister Howell and I this week have been really trying to be exactly obedient. This week in personal study I have studied about Nephi and Lehi in Helaman 5. They were amazing missionaries!! They baptized 8,000 Lamanites!!! The scriptures said that "they taught with great power and authority" As I read that I thought of how I can teach with such power. As I studied further I realized that exact obedience is key! By being obedient they were able to have the Spirit with them. Without the Spirit we cannot teach. It is critical! The Holy Ghost is the only way that they can be truly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nephi and Lehi also had complete trust in God that He would give them the words they needed to say. I realized that I need to work a lot on not being afraid of what to say and just talking to people. I know that Heavenly Father has called me to the Taiwan Taipei mission for a reason and I need to share the Gospel with is children here in Jilong. I wish I could write about everything I learned but it would take forever. I love the scriptures! I am so grateful that i can study them everyday and can apply them to my life and to my investigators. The scriptures are the word of God and will help us know what we need to do in our lives.
Well I hope that you all have a fantastic week. I hope that you are safe as you tour the middle east. Take lots of pictures!!! I can't wait to hear about your adventures when you get back. Wo ai nimen!!!
Much love,
Yang Jiemei

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