Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Amy - Tianmu, Taiwan April 11, 2011

Qin ai de jiating,
I hope that ya'll had a fantastic week. Wasn't conference wonderful?! I am so grateful for the opportunity to hear the words of the prophet. I think that we in the church dont' realize how truly blessed we are to have a living prophet today. I loved the beginning part of President Uchtdorf's talk when he said, "The heavens are indeed open! God speaks to us through his living prophet today!." I know that what he said is true. The heavens are open!!! What a blessing! I went into conference with questions and I recieved answers to all of them. It reminded me again that our Heavenly Father loves each of us individually and knows each of our needs. I loved the talk by Elder Bednar about revelation. I realized that revelation has come more often to me in the form of a sunrise rather than a light switch. It really helped me remember that I do indeed receive revelation but not in a big way. It also I know will help our investigators who often feel like when they pray they need to have a big experience. This talk will really help them understand more about revelation and how they can personally recieve it.
I also loved Elder M Russell Ballard about the gold flakes. It is too easy in this world today to get caught up in the big things. We seek for riches, cars, fame, and other things while we neglect the small simple things. We neglect our family relationships, our friends and sadly too often our relationship with God. I know that our relationship with our loving Heavenly Father is real and so precious. By doing the small and simple things in life, prayer, studying the scriptures, attending church, that we can develop our realtionship with Him. As we grow to love and trust Him more, He will POUR out His blessings upon us. I have found that in my life. When my prayers become casual and my scripture study lax the Spirit is not as strong in my life which is VITAL for missionary work. But my life has been filled with so many experiences where the sweet promptings of the Spirit have strengthened my testimony through these small and simple things (gold flakes). I pray that each of you will, if you are not doing it now, start doing these small and simple things. I testify that you will see a difference in your lives. The Spirit will be more abundantly upon you. Please dont' delay in doing these things now. You don't have time. Satan is ever more reaking havoic on this world. He knows our divine potential and is doing everything in his power to destory it. Please, dont' give him that satisfaction of you delaying. Start now. It is NEVER too late to repent and to change. Jesus Christ is waiting with out strectched arms to help you and to over you with his Atonement.
We had one of our investigators Lisa Yan come to all four sessions. She loved it. We actually had to give her over to the Shilin sisters since she lives there. She said that she felt peaceful and loved the music. I am so excited to soon recieve the Ensign and to be able to study the talks given in conference more fully. Antoher one of our investigators named Chen jiemei said that she liked it to. She felt peace and comfortable. Sister Tanner and Pederson found this Chen jiemei this week through tracking while on exchanges. Sister Tanner and I gave her the nickname Fungus because the first time she met with them she gave them a black fungus drink. I had it when I went over there and it was weird. It was lumpy and dark brown. It didnt' really have a flavor. She says that it helps your skin be white. I don't think I need help in that department. She is a really sweet lady.
I am so grateful to have a living prophet today. I know that President Monson is the Lord's prophet today and that his words are the words of the Lord. I am so grateful for the knowledge that i have of this Gospel and that I have the opportunity to share it with the people here in Tianmu. I know that by following the words of our leaders, our prophet and other General Authorities or the mission president, that we will be blessed. I hope that you all will take the time and really study the words that we heard in Conference and apply them to your lives. I pray for each of you. I love you all.
Gen hen duo de ai (With lots of love)
Yang jiemei
P.S The BYU- Idaho choir in the Saturday Session was AWESOME!! I was so proud to hear them sing. I even saw a few friends in the choir. Ones that you wont' know and I think I saw Justin Lanaro in the choir. Anyways, It was great! The Spirit was so strong as they sang.

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